How to Convert Farming Simulator 19 mods to Farming Simulator 22

How to Convert Farming Simulator 19 mods to Farming Simulator 22

As with every new release, we think that there will be a lot of new Farming Simulator 22 mods that will be updated from the previous Farming Simulator 19 version. There is a very simple explanation why that should be the case – simply, most of the players would like to keep using their favorite mods from previous games.

It is very likely that Giants Editor will be out with FS 22 mods converter even though there is no definite answer from the creators yet. However, the community assumes that it should be added to FS 22 mods converter in some way.

How to convert FS19 mods to FS22?

  1. First, you need to install the latest Giant editor version.
  2. Convert the mods in Giant editor by using the AUTO convert function.
  3. If you want to convert manually, you have to import XLM files into Giant editor and adapt to FS22 game version by editing XLM files. Please follow the documentation, because the script is very different between FS19 and FS22.

One thing to note is that Farming Simulator 2022 will require a different process for model texturing, so there is talk that all older FS19 converted mods will end up worse quality. However, at this point, it is all just assumptions and it is very difficult to determine how or if even, these converted files will impact the performance of the game. It could happen that converted FS22 mods will not work well in the new version of the Farming Simulator 22 game. But this is all just future predictions and as soon as the game is released we will be testing out the new features to make sure that they work well and as expected.

Installing the GIANTS Editor

In this video tutorial, you will see how to install the GIANTS Editor

How to use basic Functions of the GIANTS Editor

XML Modification is the most basic way to create or convert mod. In this video, you will learn how to start modifying existing vehicles.

Modifying Farming Simulator XMLs files

XML Modification is the most basic way to mod. In this video, you will learn how to start modifying existing vehicles.

Farming Simulator 22 Mods

What is Farming Simulator 22 mods use for

Farming Simulator 22 game supports mods for PC, Xbox, or PS5. FS22 Mod is an extension file for the FS22 game. Everyone can create Farming Simulator 22 mod file and share it with our community. So, why do you need Farming Simulator 22 mods? for example, you have bored with the basic game version or want to try new vehicles such as tractors or combines which the game doesn't have. So Farming Simulator 22 developers decided to support mods that let players create their own FS22 maps, Trucks, Vehicles, and any item in game. So you can download Farming Simulator 22 Mods to upgrade the game and create your own game version. Here you will find the Best FS22 mods and Top FS22 mods for PC, Mac, Xbox, or PS5. Don't wait and choose LS22 mods category, download any mod for Farming Simulator 2022 you want and install the mod in FS 22. And the most important - Farming Simulator 22 mods is totally free and available to download all of them. Our Farming Simulator 22 Community goal is to create one of the biggest FS22 mods databases

Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods mods

15 Responses

  1. vincent says:

    there is NO auto convertor in the editor, it says there is 1 but its NOT

  2. Reefe says:

    To use the auto converter you must insert an old XML of an fs19 mod and it will ask you if you want to convert

  3. ram25oo says:

    it wont let me import mods to the editor software

  4. ram25oo says:

    how do i import mods to the editor software

  5. Rick says:

    if i try to open a map in the editor it tries to open it and then the software immediately closes. does anyone have any idea?

  6. bubble232320 says:

    why does it not let me put the mod into the editor

  7. Playstaion lover427 says:

    How do i use this

  8. tóth istvan says:

    magyarul tegyél fel egy videot hogy a faszomba kell használni

  9. VDL_gaming says:

    I managed to convert one mod, but still had shade errors, among a couple others. I’m new to trying to create mods, I just lack most the the coding aspect and modeling . I’m trying to see if there is anyone that could help show a thing or two. Or if someone wants to help collaborate and convert a personal favorite fs19 mod.

  10. Janis says:

    hi can someone convert fs 19 map to fs22 ?

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