Guidance Steering v2.0.1 FS22

Guidance Steering v2.0.1 FS22

FS22 release
Fix issue with French translation.

Complete field applications quickly and efficiently with the Guidance Steering mod that helps you accurately set up tracks to work your fields. Guidance Steering allows you to use different methods in order to create tracks. The AB point method requires you to set up two points (A and B) in order to calculate the steering angle. The A+heading method simplifies this setup with only forcing you to enter the desired steering angle.

Make sure to enable Guidance Steering before you’re able to enter the menu.

Buying GPS

To be able to use Guidance Steering you first need to buy the GPS technology for your vehicle. Either buy a new vehicle and add the GPS configuration or drive your current vehicle to the shop and configure it there.

Toggle Guidance Steering

When you buy the GPS configuration for the first time Guidance Steering is disabled. In order to turn Guidance Steering on and off hit alt + c

In order todo this:
Enable Guidance Steering: left ALT + C
Show Guidance Steering menu: left CTRL + S

For further info on gameplay please checkout the README on the Github repository.



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28 Responses

  1. Canadian_Farmer says:


  2. Durotham says:

    does this mod only work offline?

  3. Karol B says:

    Mod doesn’t work, i can’t on and open settings.

    Message on top center screen
    hasGuidanceSystem: falce

  4. AusFarm says:

    Cant get it to work – won’t bring up menu or anything. Tried altering key combinations etc. but nothing.

  5. Craig says:

    Will this be available on Ps5?

  6. Kip says:

    Your vehicle need to first buy gps and install it.
    After that the gps will works fine.

  7. Floyd Reese says:

    Ditto mod does not work I never have gotten gps stuff to work on FS courseplay though yes

  8. Michael says:

    This is missing the degree that the vehicle is facing. It was on FS19 version.

  9. northern says:

    this mod isnt working on mp cant find it in the mods…?

  10. sund says:

    There is a problem in mp when you lease wehicle from contract and restart the game the gps makes the game lag like crazy

  11. Crast says:

    How do you actually change between tracks, clicking on them in the second window does nothing.

  12. Michiel Ma says:

    Does it work on contracts?

  13. Pixelmonkey says:

    This mod has been running brilliant yesterday with no issues. Today when we got onto the server everything is lagging out pretty poorly. When you go to activate the key as well for guided steering it makes the activation sound over and over again so many times it’s just one continuous high pitched note and then the entire server lags down.

    Did a full stop and restart and still nothing on it. Not sure why. We are currently using borrowed gear from a contract as well.

  14. Nicolas says:

    Thank you. This mod is amazing 🙂
    Should be included directly in the game 🙂

  15. mantra says:

    the gps disappears from borrwed vehicles after saving and exiting the game

  16. mantra says:

    hi.when you accept a contract and borrow the vehicles to complete the contract and you save and exit the game the gps is no longer on that vehicle when you get back in the game to continue on that contract

  17. Michael says:

    When using a harvester, its difficult to change fra A+B to A Headland.
    And when its setup. the Harvester doesnt stop at the end of the field, even when the setting is set to stop.

  18. Preden says:

    Great mod, love it – thank you. Got a bug with the Headlands option not adhering to it’s option on v 2.0.1.
    Also, is it possible to get volume for headland bleep? It’s pretty quiet in comparison to the ridiculously loud in game volume sometimes so would be nice to boost this.
    Thank you!

  19. Trevor Smith says:

    All my vehicles used to work fine but all of a sudden my harvester has the wrong width and no matter what i try it doesn’t correct itself ??

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