Farming Simulator 22 Follow Me mod

Farming Simulator 22 Follow Me mod

What is Follow Me mod

Here’s the presentation of one of the coolest FarmingSimulator 22 mods: The Follow Me mod by Decker_MMIV.

Some call this the most useful Farming Simulator mod. And if not the best, then definitely one of the front runners. So what does it do? It allows you to control more than one vehicle at the same time. It’s kind of like Follow the Leader, but for trucks, tractors, and other machineries.

The guide of the Follow me mod

In order to make the mod work, you have to have a vehicle that would lead the charge. It can easily be the vehicle you’re currently driving. Then you’ll have to drive the vehicle that will follow your leading vehicle close to the rear of the leading vehicle. Now, click Right Ctrl + F on your keyboard to activate the Follow Me mod.

If the mod doesn’t activate, try maneuvering the vehicle that should be behind closer to the leading vehicle’s rear. Another trick to try is driving the leading vehicle forward a bit.

If you wish, a vehicle that’s driven by an AI worker can also be the leading vehicle. But keep in mind that it’s much better to set up all following vehicles before you assign your worker to this task.

To stop following the leading vehicle, click Right Ctrl + F once more and detach.

How to set the distance

You should set a decent distance for the following vehicle before starting to drive and before activating an AI worker or Courseplay. If you’re sitting in the vehicle that follows, click Right Ctrl + W to get closer and Right Ctrl + S to get further behind.

Of course, you can also adjust the distance from the leading vehicle. First, turn around so you see the following vehicle. Second, press Right Shift + W or Right Shift + S to set the needed distance.

The mod also works even if the following vehicle drives in front of the leader for any given time, as pictured in the screenshot below:

How to go to the sides

You also lead the following vehicles to go the right or left. This feature becomes especially useful when the following vehicle is behind a combine or a forage harvester. It might also be used for doing fieldwork quicker.

If you’re inside a vehicle that is a follower, click Right Ctrl + A to go to the left and Right Ctrl + D to go to the right.

If you want to get back behind the leading vehicle, click Right Ctrl + X. If you want to go from the left side to the right or vice versa, press Right Ctrl + X once again.

In order to direct the following vehicles from the leading one, click the Right Shift button instead of Right Ctrl button.

More commands

The guide above will get you started with the Follow Me mod for Farming Simulator 22. You can also use a couple of other handy commands, especially if you’re driving the leading vehicle:

  • Right Shift + H: Use this command to either pause or resume the following.
  • Right Shift + F: Use this command to detach the following vehicle.

And that’s not all! There are so many things you can do with this mod. Here are some examples:

1. Doing big harvests.

2. Making silaging more efficient.

3. Creating a huge convoy.

FS 22 Follow Me mod

This add-on is a huge part of my Farming Simulator experience. For me, I cannot play this game properly, unless I have this mod activated.

Also, check out a couple of useful tips:

When you use this add-on, it creates a dent in your wallet. You need to pay all the drivers.

Also, this mod doesn’t control implements. You will have to activate and lower them manually before putting the following vehicle in the right position.

Here are some of the mod’s details:

  • Mod: Follow Me
  • Creator: Decker_MMIV
  • Category: Script Mods | Gameplay
  • Errors: None
  • Platforms: Windows and Mac

Mod updates: Collision On/Off

The creator of the Follow Me mod has released an updated version of the add-on. This new update also contains an option to turn the collision detection sensor on or off (check out the F1 Help menu), it fixes the flashing lights and a small bug related to the 1.5.1. patch.

How to download the Follow Me mod

You will be able to download the Follow Me mod from the in-game also get the mod from here after it will be released.



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