Farming Simulator 22 FAQ

Farming Simulator 22: The basics

In this section, you will learn about the basics of the game and first steps towards gameplay. We will also cover the changes that were made since Farming Simulator 19.

  • DLC expansions: this category deals with everything related to the releases of expansions for FS22.
  • Differences and similarities between FS19 and FS22: in this chapter, you will learn about all the new things introduced in Farming Simulator 22 compared to the previous rendition, FS19.
  • Seasons: you will learn all about different seasons in the game, including when to plant your crops, vegetables, or fruits, as well as how to use the calendar of crops. The chapter also talks about winter and what to do during this cold season.
  • Production chains: this chapter is dedicated to everything related to production chains – their definition, how to use them to your advantage and earn money, what products are in the chain, and so on.
  • Contracts and orders: FS2218x16 svg is a good tool for beginner players – it gives you missions and tasks from the NPC. Finishing those tasks can earn you a lot of money, but there’s also a downside to that – it distracts you from the main point of the game, which is taking care of your farm.
  • Secrets: Farming Simulator 22 has some fun new elements in the gameplay called secrets. You can find them on a map. As an additional gameplay element, these secrets are totally optional, meant for players to encourage them to explore more.

You can also learn about:

  • How to refill tanks
  • How to hire and manage employees
  • How to get and pay off a bank loan
  • How to get infinite amount of money
  • How to grow grass
  • How to play in multiplayer mode
  • Difficulty level comparisons
  • How to quit the game and save it
  • How to teleport and travel fast
  • How to rewind time and sleep

Farming Simulator 22: FAQ

In this chapter, we will cover the most frequently asked questions about FS22.

  • How to fix flickering shadows?
  • How to install a tractor loader?
  • How to create buildings?
  • How to combine trailers?
  • How not destroy fields with wheels?
  • Why can’t I unload the trailer?
  • Where to sell products?

Farming Simulator 22: The fieldwork

Fieldwork is definitely the part that either makes or breaks Farming Simulator 22. So, in this guide, we will talk in detail about all things fieldwork. That is, preparation and cultivation. Naturally, you have to plow, cultivate, dow, plant, and weed the fields, but in FS22, you also have to do some occasional liming. The new game introduces fresh mechanics, like picking up stones and modifying fertilization.

  • Creating and removing fields: learn how to create and remove cultivated fields from purchased land.
  • Liming: the objective of liming is to balance the reaction of the soil. This technique is necessary when you create new fields.
  • Decontamination: this technique did not exist in the previous renditions of the game – so it is completely new. You need to decontaminate in order to rid your fields of stones. This action is performed by using special machines – it makes farming more efficient.
  • Plowing: plowing is a basic activity when preparing fields for cultivation. It is optional for cereals, but necessary for root plants. Plowing takes more time than cultivation.
  • Cultivation: you can rake, level, and aerate the soil to prepare it for the next sowing. After the harvest, you can combine cultivation with sowing and fertilizing, but only if you buy the right equipment.
  • Sowing and planting: learn about sowing cereals and planting vegetables. Here you can find required products and equipment for the job.
  • Weeding: weeds are a natural part of fieldwork – they will appear on every field. You should use narrow wheels and manipulate growth rate techniques in order to rid your fields of annoying weeds growing together with your crops.
  • Fertilization: there are different ways to fertilize your fields in FS22 using various methods and tools.
  • Mulching: mulching is also a new activity in a game that didn’t exist in the previous renditions of Farming Simulator. After you harvest some of the plants, you can cut off the stems and make a mulch out of them that will lay on the surface of the field. This will help increase the next crop.
  • Rolling: this action allows you to get rid of small stones by pushing them into the ground. It also helps improve the condition of your grass by kneading it and it slightly increases the yield after rolling the sown soil.

Farming Simulator 22: Growing the fruit

Fruit-growing is a new feature in Farming Simulator 22, so it deserves its own separate chapter dedicated solely to this topic. As of right now, you can only grow two kinds of fruit in FS22 – grapes and olives. If you want to cultivate fruit, you have to build an orchard on your field, use special equipment and in general do things slightly differently from crop cultivation. By the way, fruits are part of the production chains.

  • The basic information regarding fruit-growing

Farming Simulator 22: Animal husbandry

Farming Simulator 22 offers several different animal species you can breed. You can choose chickens, which are the easiest when it comes to breeding, but there are also more complex ones like pigs and cows. Just like in previous renditions of Farming Simulator, you can get quite a lot from your livestock. For example, you can sell cow meat or cow milk, or pig manure, which has become more important in the game. Game creators decided to make Farming Simulator 22 more complicated and realistic, and one of the ways to do that is by paying more attention to animal husbandry.

  • Chickens. You do not need to put a lot of effort in growing chickens since they don’t require much in resources. But they are still useful because you can sell their eggs using production chains.
  • Sheep. You can sell sheep’s milk or wool using production chains. It is quite easy to earn from sheep husbandry since it’s a pretty profitable animal. However, sheep’s fertilizer is not very valuable.
  • Cows. Cows require quite a lot of attention. In order to grow and tend cows successfully, you need to give them a balanced diet.
  • Pigs. By having pigs in your farm, you can get a lot of fertilizer. And even though pigs need a lot of food, you do not have to focus on efficiency if you care about natural fertilizers.

Farming Simulator 22: The wood industry

In Farming Simulator 22, you can become a lumberjack. Generally, the entire wood industry has been improved in the latest version of the game. Wood will also play a part in production chains, so the players will have more things to do then just cutting and transporting raw materials to a selling station.

Farming Simulator 22: Grass, hay, silage

In this section, we will talk more about grass processing, for example, how to mow grass, where and how to hire employees for grass mowing, as well as how to obtain hay and silage. You will also learn about the bailing technology, their transportation, and how to sell it.

  • Mowing grass: learn about methods used in grass mowing, what equipment you have to use, and in what places you can get grass.
  • Drying and raking hay: learn about where and how to get hay and how to dry grass.
  • Silaging – extraction and application: silage is very valuable, it is used for feeding animals, and has a high market price. You can get silage from grass by either storing it in prisms or wrapping bales with grass.
  • Belting: if you think grass transportation and storing is inconvenient then you should try bales. It’s a more comfortable way to store and transport grass, but it requires more resources and equipment. So, the process is quite slow, but in the end, this method provides an easier way to transport grass to selling points.

Farming Simulator 22: Trophies and achievements

Just like in the previous renditions of the game, Farming Simulator 22 offers an extensive list of achievements and awards you can get.

Farming Simulator 22: Collector’s edition of the game

If you want to get the collector’s version of Farming Simulator 22, then it’s your perfect chance to do it. FS22 will have a special physical edition called Collector’s Edition.

While the physical edition of the game will not have any additional in-game features, players who buy will get some physical memorabilia with the game. You will also be able to get a pre-order bonus if you order the game before its release.

Farming Simulator 22: Brands and manufacturers

The game developer teases around 100 well known brands and companies that will be featured in Farming Simulator 22. However, the full list is still not public. Naturally, the brands included in the game are known names in agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as companies that are not directly related to agriculture and farming.

Some of the brands that will be included in FS22 are as follows: John Deere, CLAAS, Case IH, DEUTZ-FAHR, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Zetor, Kaweco, Unia, Mack Trucks, Lode King, Kuhn, SaMASZ, Berthoud, Manitou, Hormann, Hardi, Fuhrmann, Ponnse, Palfinger, Provitis.

Farming Simulator 22: System requirements

Good news is that the players with weaker PCs and past generation consoles will be able to play Farming Simulator 22. However, the game still requires Windows 10 in 64-bits.

More details:

  • Operating systems: Windows 10 64-bits, MacOS 10.14
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 or AMD FX-8320
  • RAM: at least 8 GB
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660, AMD Radeon R7 265 (min. 2 GB VRAM)
  • Disk space: at least 35 GV, Macos 70 GB

I can’t find the season pass pre-order for PS?

There’s no pre-order on the season pass for Playstation users, it will be available up-on release.

Should I buy 19 or wait for 22?

That depends entirely on your situation, just be aware that it might take some time for the top mods from 19 to become available in 22

Is there crossplay?

Yes! for more information see the Crossplay topic linked above

Can Seasons be turned off?

You can turn seasons off in a way, it’ll stop preventing you from planting but the seasons will still occur

What’s the performance like on the new-gen consoles/do I need a new-gen console for max settings?

You might need to turn down your settings on the older consoles and will have a reduced slot count compared to the new consoles. However, machinery and maps are said to be more efficient so you should see an increase in that regard.

Will there be any improvements to the helpers?

So far nothing has been announced

Will there be GPS in FS22?

No, they said that they aren’t working on it yet but that they are looking at it in the future.


  • Xbox one
  • Xbox series
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Stadia

Release date:

22nd of November 2021