FS22 GIANTS Editor 9.0.2

FS22 GIANTS Editor 9.0.2

Giants Editor – Farming Simulator 22

Features to look forward to in the new rendition of the game:

  • Scenegraph is processing arrow keys
  • When you save a mod on the same drive as the game path, it will now use the correct syntax $
  • When you resize the paint brush with the mouse wheel, you get a fixed terrain paint preview
  • You also get a fixed terrain paint preview when you undo or redo terrain paint commands using CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y
  • After you copy and paste, you get fixed wrong selection (after you paste in a transform group the whole transform group was selected)
  • You get a fixed visual raycast position report with starting position as zero
  • There are also various script editor fixes, for example, strange selection when switching files while the game is not saved, storing local information in tree data, easier file search system, detecting changes that are not just <127 typing
  • Mod description version increased to 43
  • New debug depth rendering mode

Farming Simulator 22 provides a realistic experience to its players, adding more and more features for even better immersion. People love this game for a variety of reasons, but at the top of the list is the accessibility that FS22 offers. There are so many features and mods that players can add to the game to make it more personalized and therefore more enjoyable. And for that they should thank the FS22 Giants Editor. If you want to find out more about what Farming Simulator 22 Giants Editor is and how you can use it best to your advantage, continue reading this article!

How to use FS22 Giants Editor?

The Giants Editor FS22 allows players to create mods and see what mods other players have created. Anyone using the Giants Editor for Farming Simulator 22 can use a wide variety of features and tools to make their gaming experience more interesting. With those tools you get to create any kind of mod of your own. With this much choice, FS22 Giants Editor is the best way you can create the best Farming Simulator world you can imagine!

Do you know what the best part is? The Giants Editor FS22 is completely free-of-charge. We know it might sound too good to be true, but there really aren’t any drawbacks. Unless maybe one, which is the fact that getting used to the editor can be a challenge at first. When you’re presented with that many tools for modding, it can seem very overwhelming for a beginner. However, don’t get discouraged, as the official Giants Editor page on the Farming Simulator website offers very thorough video tutorials, making learning easier.

How to download the FS22 Giants Editor?

Downloading the Giants Editor FS22 is easy: all you have to do is go on the official Farming Simulator website and get it from there. You should find all the relevant links pretty easily. If not, you can also use trustworthy third-party websites that also have links to the Giants Editor 22. Whichever way you choose, the software should be installed in no time.

 Installing the GIANTS Editor

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install the GIANTS Editor, so you can work without any issues.

Download Giants Editor V9.0.2(for Farming Simulator 22)
– Support for Farming Simulator 22 i3d format
– Added basic conversion of mods from Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22
+ Converts density maps and adds new density maps
+ Converts field distance textures
+ Converts SunAdmirer, Nightlight, Nightlight2, NightIllumination onCreates to new visibility conditions
+ Replaces custom shaders
+ Converts foliages
+ Convert terrain layer attributes
+ Add new editor naming annotations for density maps and info layers
+ Several manual steps are required:
++ Convert terrain normal maps (add height channel, move smoothness channel)
++ Convert distance textures (alpha channel now is smoothness)
– Added support for i3d references
– Added “Locked Group” attribute for any node. Allows picking of locked groups instead of their children
– Added shortcut to create a “Locked Group” for the selection: Ctrl + Shift + G
– Added new mesh paint mode
– Added horizontal scrollbar to scenegraph panel
– Added mouse button function “erosion” in terrain editing panel
– Added support for windows high contrast mode in scenegraph panel
– Added a searchbar for the scenegraph
– Added separate gizmo modes (Q: combined, E: scaling, R: rotating, T: translating)
– Added first person mode
– Added prefab rating
– Fixed movement with RMB + WASD
– Added support for adding multiple audio files to an audio source
– Fixed copy/cut/paste crash when pasting in the same node that was copied/cut (cutting and undo to get the old node)
– Added possibility to edit node name with use of F2
– Added more simple geometry to create (WASD + ctrl + space + mouse to control, esc to exit)
– Added option to change various checkboxes in with multiple objects selected
– Added new option to render a translation helper grid when translating within a plane
– Added terrain layer manager to modify terrain layers
– Added dialog for editing shortcuts
– Added rectangular object selection in viewport
– Added German localization
– Fixed deletion of group nodes when undo/redo history is cleared
– Improved object selection (picking)
– Added a “Default” menu entry for View/Debug/ menu, which resets the debug view
– Added option to toggle if non-renderable objects are selectable
– Added option to toggle if splines are selectable
– Made main viewport detachable
– Added a “limit to texture” replace option for texture painting
– Fixed the viewport update for foliage when terrain sculpting
– Added snapping also in local mode for translation, rotation and scaling
– Fixed node dragging in scenegraph
– Added shortcuts to increase and decrease size of gizmo
– Added new shortcuts ALT+G, ALT+R, ALT+S to reset translation, rotation and scale
– Added CTRL+x,CTRL+c,CTRL+v support for cut, copy, paste in editor script control
– Added support for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse
– Esc exits the current paint mode
– Added option to have named drop downs for terrain detail layers
– Added option to temporarily enable grid snapping by holding ‘X’

Giants Editor 9.0.2(For Farming Simulator 22)

Farming Simulator 22, GIANTS

What is Farming Simulator 22 mods use for

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