Farming Simulator 22 Release Date

Farming Simulator 22 Release Date

Farming Simulator 22 will release in 2021! We know the exact FS22 release date.

Farming Simulator 22 Release Date: November 22nd, 2021

Gamers can’t wait for Farming Simulator 22, and seeing how popular and well-received the previous releases were, that’s no surprise. It’s also been ages since Farming Simulator 19, the last major game was published. And so, it’s no surprise that people are anxiously awaiting for what the FS22 launch date is going to be.

Please check the release timezone below:

So far, there is no confirmed news about when exactly the Farming Simulator 22 release date is going to be, but there are already plenty of theories of when that’s going to be, and what features the game is going to have.

Including seasons, new maps, machines, and features. Are you ready?

Get ready for new crops, new maps, new machines, new brands, and more. Oh, and it’s getting snowy, too because we’re adding seasonal cycles. And of course, a lot of other features to be announced soon. Farming Simulator 22 will offer more depth thanks to a big variety of new additions and more freedom than ever before.

With nothing still officially announced by the game’s creator, GIANT Software Company, fans have their speculations on when that will happen.

Official Farming Simulator 2022 release date:

According to trusted sources within the industry, Farming Simulator 22 will most likely be released by autumn 2021, and the game will work with PC, Mac computers, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
This would be in line with the fanbase’s expectations, as most Farming Simulator releases have happened around that time.

It’s also important to remember that this FS22 launch date is certainly not final, as many possible obstacles and challenges can postpone the production. And even if currently, the company plans to set the Farming Simulator 22 release date to autumn, that might still change in the future.

The GIANT Software Company hasn’t responded to any of the speculations about Farming Simulator 22 and didn’t specify any of the dates.

Older Farming Simulator version release dates were:

Farming Simulator 2008 – April 2008.
Farming Simulator 2009 – August 2009.
Farming Simulator 2011 – October 2010.
Farming Simulator 2013 – October 2012.
Farming Simulator 2015 – October 2014.
Farming Simulator 17 – October 2016.
Farming Simulator 19 – November 2018.
Farming Simulator 21 – Canceled
Farming Simulator 22 – November 22nd, 2021.

With this, it’s fully expected for Farming Simulator 22 release date to be November 22nd, 2021.

But of course, anything can change. Should you be worried about the game getting delayed? Not really.

First and foremost, most players want the games to be as good as possible. So, it makes sense for the production company to take their time polishing the final product. We all know that an unfinished game is much worse than a late game.

Besides, every FS fan will tell you that with good FS mods, even the old game can feel brand new. FS 19 was a wildly successful, finished game with a massive modding community that helped make it even better. And if you haven’t modded your game, doing so might give the old game a new, exciting feel vibe once again.

So yes – just like you, we can’t wait for the new game, and eagerly wait for the FS22 release date. For now, we’re just going to keep playing the old game, managing our farm, and enjoying the exciting farming world. And of course, once the game releases, we will be covering all the best Farming Simulator 22 mods that you’ll be able to add to the existing game.

Farming Simulator 22 will come to PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

farming simulator 22 mods

What is Farming Simulator 22 mods use for

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  1. John says:

    Nice FS2 teaser! can’t wait for full game trailer 😉

  2. Grego says:

    Can’t believe it’s coming! When gameplay video will be released?

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  4. Cohen says:

    I can not wait to play it

  5. koekie says:

    what is the last game for pc ? 19 or 20 ? i cant find other setup for instal only 19

    • Chris Gardner says:

      19 was the last one released

    • Z4RM says:

      Pour PC/MAC et PS/XBOX c’est FS19 et mobile (et switch) c’est FS20, et Q4 2021 (4ème trimestre) FS22 sort 😀 !!!

    • Patraic Thomas says:

      the latest game so far is fs19 for pc and consoles until the release of fs22. There may be a fs20 for mobile as the mobile release years are different to the pc and console releases but I haven’t looked into that.

  6. Chris Gardner says:

    Farming Simulator 22 will release Q4 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.Apr. 24, 2021

    So most likely, november or december

  7. Ranveer says:

    I waiting for fs22 because game’s picture is very realistic and l what say you. Your company’s games
    is very largest and most popular games.
    Thank you for this game.
    Your truly

  8. Patraic Thomas says:

    Is there an early access date for fs22 or is there any chance of early access for fs22?

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    Will the farming
    farmimg simulator 22 be for Android

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    Fs22 mobile

  12. Jass says:

    Farming simulator 22 how to download android please link send me

  13. Jen d. says:

    When will FS 22 game be coming out on Nintendo switch?

  14. Floyd McClain says:

    Game locked up. Now have no vehicle sound.

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    Je voudrais savoir pour qu’elle raison le jeu n’arrête pas de flache sa fe des flache nouroire sûre le gren merci de m’envoyer la réponse

  16. Peyton says:

    Hey when is the gmc coming out for console and will there be a snowmobile or ram relistic truck coming

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