Farming Simulator 22 – How to fill Seeder tank?

Farming Simulator 22 – How to fill Seeder tank?

Farming Simulator 22 is one of the most exciting farming simulator games there is. The community absolutely loves it because you can achieve so much with it, especially if you have the right strategy. However, the flexibility is so wide that you really need to have enough guidelines to play it really well. One of the important things that you need to know is how to fill the seeder. Therefore, we will talk about this in more detail.

If you forgot we will give you some farming 101. First, the seeder has to have seeds inside it and the fertilizer has to be inside the fertilizer spreader. You came to the right place, we will tell you how to do all of that because it is very simple! To begin with, you need to add your machines to your vehicle and only after you do that, you can begin filling them with fertilizer and seeds.

Don’t forget that it is extremely crucial that you buy the right pallet from the shop. Afterward, simply get your vehicle with the machine to your pallet. Also, we will give you some more nice tips for Farming Simulator 22, for instance, read more and we will explain where to buy fertilizer and how to fill the seeder in Farming Simulator 22.

Transporting by using machines

Take a look at the example of the lime spreader – you need to know that the contents of it will be unloaded on the pallets and put next to the machine. Don’t forget that in the game, you need to choose between some of the vehicles that can be unloaded immediately after filling them.

Transporting pallets

In order to transport pallets, you need to know a few things. To begin with, you should understand that transporting pallets is a really good thing to do for your farm. To do that you simply need some kind of loader (front loader is fine too) and add it to your tractor by using specific attachments for pallets.

Transporting in a dumper trailer

We also want to tell you about another way of transportation. It is quite simple too, what you need to do is simply put the content of the pallets into the dumper trailer. If you try to do this, you can move huge amounts of fertilizers and seeds very rapidly, so this is very efficient.

Auger wagons

In case of you needing to transport your seeds and fertilizer comfortably, you can use Auger wagons. This is a way that usually makes most players very happy. Moreover, this method is not very expensive, which is amazing news for the players.

For instance, a Seed Runner 3755 XL would cost you around $20,000. So, you finally have so many great tips in purchasing fertilizers for Farming Simulator 22. Check on these guidelines and you will be good to go!

Farming Simulator 22 mods

What is Farming Simulator 22 mods use for

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