Farming Simulator 22 Courseplay mod

Farming Simulator 22 Courseplay mod

What is Courseplay?

There is a mod in Farming Simulator 22 that can completely change the experience of your game. You probably guessed right, it is indeed Courseplay mod. Many players agree that this FS22 is so good that you wouldn’t want to play the game without it.

It is easy to describe Courseplay – just imagine a router that can record your Farming Simulator 22 game. There are several possibilities on how you can work with it. First, you can set the yoru route manually, so you will pick point A and B and how to get there. Otherwise, you can actually ask Courseplay to generate a route for you, so you don’t have to think about it.

As soon as you configure your routes one way or the other, you can start using them! Just simply ask your workers to drive on that route that you just configured. You can actually also set how many times they will do it, just save the course. So, Courseplay will be invaluable when you want to direct your AI workers to drive these routes for you as you won’t have to do it yourself anymore!

Lastly, this is not the only function that this FS22 mod can do for you because actually, Courseplay is able to automate other daily routine tasks for you and save your precious time.

Find some examples where Courseplay can help you:

  • Fill up, empty and compress silage bunkers.
  • Deliver crops from your farm to sale points.
  • Do seed harvest picking, sowing and fertilizing.
  • Set up automatic plowing and cultivating.
  • Unload harvesters, move and unload the crops.
  • Mow, rake the grass, make bales.
  • Deliver crops from your farm to sale points.

See how useful Courseplay can be? We cannot believe it ourselves too! The only things that we know Courseplay cannot perform right now are loading logs and cutting the trees.

Download and Install Courseplay Beta 22

Since Courseplay is one of those mods that is updated every single day, it always stays in Beta. It is the best thing to always download it from Github in order to always have the latest version. However, it is important that you check the specific way that you need to download these mods. The way is different than with other mods.

Follow these steps:

  1. Search Courseplay mod in the search field.
  2. Secondly, download the mod:
  3. Press the button that says: “Download MOD”
  4. Then follow the link that says “Download ZIP”. By doing this you should be able to get the file named on your computer. One thing to remember – don’t save the file into your mods folder.
  5. After that, you have to unzip your File. Just using a program such as 7-zip will work perfectly well for this.
  6. Open the folder: (courseplay-master & courseplay-master.) You should see a lot of files (folders and LUA files.)
  7. Start with selecting them all.
  8. Afterward, right-click with your mouse and choose “Send to”  & “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

By doing this your zipped archive will receive a random name. It’s important that you change it:

  1. Select the file, then click on “F2” on your keyboard.
  2. Type in the name you want to have, e.g., “FS22_Courseplay_beta”.

Rename the zip file.

Next step – copy the file ( and paste it to your FS22 mods folder.

Don’t Forget these points:

  • Your mod is currently in Beta. This means that bugs can appear and not all of the functionality will be there at first.
  • It’s important that you get your mods from the Github page. By doing that you will make sure that you download the latest version.

How to use Courseplay in Farming Simulator 22

There is a lot to say about how to use Courseplay. Perhaps one day there will be an extensive user’s guide. However, for now, we’re just going to share the official Courseplay manual with you. It helps a lot in figuring out how this great mod works in practice.

After you’ve analyzed the information in the manual, you can watch the videos of Farmer Klein on YouTube. He has uploaded quite a few very helpful video tutorials that will help you understand how to use the mod.

Firstly read all the information of the guide and then take a look at the Farmer Klein on Youtube. There are a lot of amazing video tutorials that can help you out in learning how to use this mod.

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What is Farming Simulator 22 mods use for

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    Nice now where is the download button? Need it cause the ai stopped working on one tractor implement combo and refuses to recognize the field for some reason and yes i own the field. Meanwhile a tractor plow AND a tractor seeder are working fine at the same time. I had 4 combines working plus field work and the ai worked fine then just quit.

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    Looking forward to the release and would rather wait a while to get it right than have it rushed out and in need of an update. Have patience guys, use Autoroute and Guidance steering in the meantime.

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