Animals Placeables Pack v1.0 FS22

Animals Placeables Pack v1.0 FS22

Places and breed animals on 22 pastures!
Pastures from Farming Simulator 19

1. Small Chicken Coop:
Price: $20,000
DailyUpkeep: $20

2. Large Chicken Coop:
Price: $40,000
DailyUpkeep: $40

3. Small Cow Pasture:
Price: $100,000
DailyUpkeep: $100

4. Large Cow Pasture:
Price: $300,000
DailyUpkeep: $300

5. Small Horse Paddock:
Price: $50,000
DailyUpkeep: $50

6. Large Horse Paddock:
Price: $95,000
DailyUpkeep: $95

7. Small Pig Enclosure:
Price: $90,000
DailyUpkeep: $90

8. Large Pig Enclosure:
Price: $250,000
DailyUpkeep: $250

9. Small Sheep Pasture:
Price: $65,000
DailyUpkeep: $65

10. Large Sheep Pasture:
Price: $180,000
DailyUpkeep: $180

– Added pastures from Goldcrest Valley

11. Goldcrest Chicken Coop:
Price: $25,000
DailyUpkeep: $25

12. Goldcrest Cow Pasture:
Price: $350,000
DailyUpkeep: $350

13. Goldcrest Pig Enclosure:
Price: $200,000
DailyUpkeep: $200

14. Goldcrest Sheep Pasture:
Price: $130,000
DailyUpkeep: $130

– Added pastures from Sosnovka

15. Sosnovka Chicken Coop:
Price: $18,000
DailyUpkeep: $18

16. Sosnovka Cow Pasture:
Price: $325,000
DailyUpkeep: $325

17. Sosnovka Sheep Pasture:
Price: $220,000
DailyUpkeep: $220

– Added pastures from Estancia Lapacho

18. Estancia Chicken Coop:
Price: $40,000
DailyUpkeep: $40

19. Estancia Cow Pasture:
Price: $250,000
DailyUpkeep: $250

20. Estancia Pig Enclosure:
Price: $215,000
DailyUpkeep: $215

21. Estancia Sheep Pasture:
Price: $125,000
DailyUpkeep: $125

– Added pasture from Bjornholm

22. Bjornholm Kuhweide:
Price: $375,000
DailyUpkeep: $375

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