Collect Straw At Missions v1.0 FS22

Collect Straw At Missions v1.0 FS22

Allows to collect straw of the contract fields with baler and forage wagon.
Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer derSchreiner
Category Gameplay

Size 11 KB
Released 23.11.2021
Platform PC/MAC


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26 Responses

  1. Chris Gardner says:

    Update: or workAreaType == WorkAreaType.WINDROWER for folks using windrowing, this like enables it.

    • Mike says:

      Where do I put this?

    • ice013 says:

      hi, as the comment below was wondering. Can you explain where to put this. im a (tech) boomer, and ive no clue about programming.
      So far ive opened the xml file in notepad (from the collectstraw mod) But i cant figure out by logic where to add this line.

  2. Chris Gardner says:

    Im not sure why but i left a note about adding or workAreaType == WorkAreaType.WINDROWER if people wanted to, and it wasn’t approved? This is…logic.

  3. Joe says:

    or workAreaType == WorkAreaType.WINDROWER This will add the ability to windrow. Great idea to include it. Otherwise when you try it says its not your field.

  4. Chris Gardner says:

    Great work!!

  5. Xeltosh says:

    The mod bugged my first mission for me on the Map. (I think I added the Mod after accepting the mission, maybe that was the reason for encountering it? Haven’t tested that yet. After around 2 hours collecting and farming, encountering this bug sapped my motivation to continue for today). I collected around 40k wheat and 180k hay on this mission, but the 180k hay counted to the total delievery amount of the wheat. I delievered all of the wheat I collected to the Mill and the mission was stuck at 89% completion and 25% delievered goods. But i couldn’t finish the mission properly, because the Mill doesn’t accept hay to be delievered. I also didnt try to sell the hay somewhere elso. Pls fix it if it is a bug within the mod. If it’s a bug only appearing in my special circumstance (Adding the Mod after a mission was accepted), please add that information to your mod.

    • Chris Gardner says:

      unmodded i had fields get to 80-90% completion. It is an issue with giants that appeared in fs19 aswell

      • Xeltosh says:

        the mod worked flawlessly in fs19 for me.

      • Xeltosh says:

        that bug never appeared for me or my friend, so i thought it is an issue with the mod. has anyone an idea, why i get the wrong calculations with this mod?

        • Chris Gardner says:

          There is a mod…its called Enlargefieldyield. I used it did a wheat field, made about 8,000 in excess.

          • Chris Gardner says:

            The delivered goods has nothing whatsoever to do with straw. it only counts Wheat. and its any wheat, not just mission wheat. I think giants did their usual miscalculation. they went for perfect field, disregarding weeds, fertilization state, Lime, Plowing.

  6. Xeltosh says:

    are you sure? Because of 68k collected wheat, delivering aroun 55k and only have a “delivered goods”-count of around 17% is not the perfect yield of a field….
    I alwaysget around 25% of delivered goods (delivering everything), when i have the mod active and there is straw

    • Chris Gardner says:

      Use the mod called enlargefieldyield. It fixes the issue. I have the same issue on wheat fields without the mod if the field is not tended properly in the beginning. its a giants issue and enlargefieldyield fixes it.

  7. Doug S says:

    This mod causes crash when quitting game for me. Will not return to main menu.

  8. kartal says:

    fs 19 straw me özelliği vardı mısır ve soya samanı çıkıyordu fs 22 de gelecekmi

  9. BeDark says:

    One small thing.
    If you save and left the game before collected all straw, when you load next time – it would be impossible to collect, cause is say that you dont have access to the field.
    So you have to bale all straw before exit game. All bales that you made before exit will be available to collect.

  10. Trevor Smith says:

    I guess this doesn’t work with milling machine ?

  11. Michael says:

    Didn’t work anymore with the new update? Or do i have a conflict with other mods?

  12. Tostie says:

    Thanks for the mod. Works perfect. but as I can remember before the last game update you could still pickup the straw from a mission field when trhe field was completed but not yet collected.

    Now it seems I can not do that anymore. Am I confused ? or was it indeed like that before?

  13. Shenanagan says:

    Can’t seem to use a windrow on the straw fields? I thought I was able to before and didn’t play for a couple weeks and now I am not able to use the windrow.

  14. Percivul says:

    I’m working on a rewrite of this very mod now but I’m going to include all of the collectable byproducts from a contract field as well as stone and rocks in the latest expansion. I’ll post it once I have it all completed and tested.

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