Domicile Map v1.0 FS22

Domicile Map v1.0 FS22

A Place YOU can call home forever. An open 4x map for you to make your own from the ground up.
Production Revamp & Platinum DLC Required


An 4x Open Land Sandbox Playground
Forestry areas spread across the map
Rock Mine – Filled with breakable rocks
Indoor Mine – Massive mine with material
Platinum DLC Trees
Domicile Mountain
Domicile Public Beach
1 Starting Farm and Field
Custom Squigglze Environment XML
Free Water fill points at water sources (Lakes & Ocean)
All Rocks on map can be broken down to Stones using a Jackhammer
All Palm Trees on map can be broken down to Woodchips using a Jackhammer
13 New Farmlands
37 paintable textures including ROADS!
Domicile Sawmill – Unload at the lake
Domicile Debris Crusher – Multiple productions all in one
PIER 420 Domicile Seaport Central Pier/Dock (Open for YOU to decorate)
Hemp Furnace in Miners Paradise – Bring Hemp Windrow and create Energy for Domicile (Set Energy to Distribute!)
Transfer station in Miners Paradise – Various Unload Points – 1 Pickup Point
USS Squiggz Sell Station – Arrives At PIER 420 Dock Between 9AM > 5PM
10 Special Breakables that produce a material for extra cash!
Digable AREAS (Requires Terrafarm) – Marked out square areas with wooden post on where to dig
Breakable Vehicles and Equipment – Requires Jackhammer

Domicile Debris Crusher Production
The debrish crusher included with this map that is located in the store, doubles it’s input (2,000ltrs > 4,000ltrs) and can produce the

Following materials
Stone > Dirt
Limestone > Lime
Rocks > Gravel
Gravel > Sand
Tires > Rubber
Tailings > Stone
Rubble > Tailings
Riversand > Riversand Powder
Riversand Powder > Clay
Coal > Crushed Coal
Crushed Coal > Coal Powder
Marble > Rubble

Downtown Crossing
Downtown Crossing was a once thriving little city. It’s now up to you to clean it up and make it your own
All Roads in Downtown Crossing have a Sewerage System under them!
ALL objects are breakable except for asphalt roads, asphalt structures, dirt blocks on the ground, and Domicile Commons Stage
Place your own sidewalks – Some have been started for you at the around the parameter of Downtown Crossing
Many Entrances down to the sewer are marked out where you need to dig, some stairways are open, some are animated
Running water in the sewer
Breakable Objects produce different types of material depending on what they are
Breakable Wood Barriers and Doorways located in the sewers (Will Not Produce Material)
Placed sidewalks and be destroyed.

NOTE: All sidewalks will be broken at once and the material will appear behind the police station.


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