Fendt Pack by RepiGaming v1.3 FS22

Fendt Pack by RepiGaming v1.3 FS22

The update v1.3 of the pack is now available for you.
Please read the changelog before asking questions that have already been answered here, thank you.

Update v1.3 Changelog:

The following also applies here:
“Not compatible with “REA CoG”.
All other “REA modules” should run with the pack!
Since the vehicles have their own physics, as well as the attachers, you don’t necessarily need the “RealThreePointAttacher” mod.
The mod “RealThreePointAttacher” is optional for the pack!
– modDesc raised for patch
– Various adjustments/fixes
– Various tire adjustments according to the data sheet (thanks to 1976Silvio)
– The vehicles have now received a new physics adjustment, as well as a slight seesaw of the attacher (thanks to 1976Silvio)
– Decalfix on the CargoT
– simpleIC points Vario 900 adjusted
– The weight of all tractors has been adjusted to real values as much as possible (thanks to 1976Silvio)
– Removed F 380 GTA (To be downloaded as a standalone pack)
– Removed Fendt 900 Vario TMS from the pack. The model just didn’t fit the overall package
– PowerFlow header removed. The DynaFlex can do the same and fits the IDEAL in a more modern way
– Removed Helianthus 12000 Cutter as the Capello is sufficient for the IDEAL
– Fendt color adjusted to an older green on the favorite
– Added hydraulic connector for Quicke 7M to favorite
– Added hydraulic connection for Quicke 6M & Hauer XB150 on the 700 Vario
– Added Quicke 6M & 7M with hydraulic connection
– Added Hauer XB150 with hydraulic connection
– Store images 375 & 390 renewed
– IDEAL new animation added to the seat (can be operated via simpleIC)
– On request, passenger added in the 700 & 900 Vario (Kubota DLC is required)
– Added new start screen animation

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  1. Jacek says:

    Not compatible with REA CoG. – thumbs down
    Removed Fendt 900 Vario TMS – thumbs down
    PowerFlow header removed – thumbs up
    Removed Helianthus 12000 – thumbs up
    Removed F 380 GTA (To be downloaded as a standalone pack) – thumbs up

  2. AladdinH says:

    Hi, I tried to download and install the map but it does not show when I start a new game though I installed all the required mods. Appreciate your help and thanks in advance.

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