Helicopter Ka-26 Agriculture v1.0 FS22

Helicopter Ka-26 Agriculture v1.0 FS22

Agricultural modification of the Ka-26 twin-engine multipurpose helicopter. The helicopter is designed for treating agricultural crops with pesticides, applying liquid or dry mineral fertilizers to the soil.
Fertilizer tank capacity: 800 l.
Working width: 40 meters.
Engines: piston М-14В-26, 2 х 325 hp
Maximum speed: 170 km / h.
Test for FS22 v1.1.1.0

Left mouse button – up. Right mouse button – down.
W – forward, S – backward, A – left, D – right.
ATTENTION! Possible conflict with other mods! Back up your saves!
Leave your comments, they will help you fix mistakes!

Model: Rush, Silak_68, werik Texture: Rush, Silak_68, werik Script: Ifko [nator], FS19 editing port: Zippyo v0.99b Idea / concept: Silak_68 Tester: Silak_68 Other: Sound: 112TEC | schwaki, Silak_68, werik

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10 Responses

  1. endy says:

    Fantastic mod Grat….

    • Walt says:

      Downloaded this mod today and am unable to get it off the ground, every time I press to go up it just drops frames for a second and the helix doesn’t move
      If there’s a fix or if you know any conflicting mods that could cause it please lemme know!

  2. Andrei Airinei says:

    The mod doesn’t work for my multiplayer server

  3. Filip says:

    Dont work in multiplayer

  4. dankabeta says:

    doesn’t work on dedi server… i can buy it, i can start it, but i cant take off….. I really need this, i could pay for this or donate to you if you make this to work

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t with with gps 🙁

    • Darren Prebble says:

      I still buy it with GPS you can use the line as a guide for flying straight and seeing if you moved over enough for the next row when spraying long crops that you can’t see the wet soil that is sprayed. it’s too much fun to like ai fly it anyway haha my chopper

  6. meanokie says:

    doesn’t work on dedi server

  7. Player1 says:

    Downloaded it for Career mode and crashed into outside if the map. It fell into the water and now if I have it installed then my screen goes black. Reload it into the game and same thing happens

  8. Darren Prebble says:

    love the chopper awesome stuff once you get hang of it. would love more skins for it please please. transporting equipment with a helicopter and chains would also be great. last but not least can you make it so I can fill up off liquid silos, every time I got to swap out fertilizer for herbicide it leaves a new pallet instead of putting it back into the pallet I got it from. being able to dump into and fill up over liquid fertilizer and herbicide silo be nice. oh if there was a way to be able to fly left or right without facing that way like side to side. like if i fly to end of spraying a row then press shift +A or D it would fly sideways to the left or right, than I could spin on the spot or just do next row backwards

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