ITRunner Pack 2433HD And 2633HD v1.0 FS22

ITRunner Pack 2433HD And 2633HD v1.0 FS22

Seeking agility and easy locomotion within your farm, Pack ITR came to meet these needs. With the coupler trailer you can hitch the six available trailers, being able to load your production, grass, bales, pallets, wood, also use it to distribute liquid or solid manure, as well as handle animals, transport liquids and distribution of fertilizer and limestone.

Two coupler trailers: ITR 24.33 HD and ITR 26.33 HD

ITR 24.33 HD
Price: 25000 $

ITR 26.33 HD
Price: 35000 $

Four trailers for transporting grains and miscellaneous

Short Skip:
Price: 6500 $
Capacity: 14000 cubic meters

Price: 8500 $
Capacity 18000 cubic meters

Short Grain container
Price: 7000 $
Capacity: 35000 cubic meters

Grain container
Price: 10000 $
Capacity 45000 cubic meters

Two trailers for transporting forage:
Bergman HTW 35
Price: 18000 $
Capacity: 34000 cubic meters

Bergman HTW 50
Price: 28000 $
Capacity: 48000 cubic meters

Two trailers for various transports (pallets, wood, bales, equipment, among others)

Short Wood container
Price: 4500 $
Side stand options

Wood container
Price: 7500 $
Side stand options

Two trailers for distributing liquid manure
Short Slurry container
Price: 22000 $
Capacity: 10000 cubic meters
Work area: 12 meters

Slurry container
Price: 34000 $
Capacity: 15000 cubic meters
Work area: 12 meters

Two trailers for transporting liquids

Price: 8000 $
Capacity: 8000 liters

MKS 18
Price: 18000 $
Capacity: 18000 Liters

An equipment for distributing manure

Farmtech Fortis 2000:
Price: 38000 $
Capacity: 32000 cubic meters
Work area: 15 meters

Equipment for fertilization and liming:
Amazone ZGTS 10001 Truck:
Price: 21000 $
Capacity: 10000 Liters
Work area: 42 meters

Equipment for feeding the animals
Kuhn RA 142
Price: 14500 $
Capacity: 11900 cubic meters

Some equipments have color options, the coupler also has color options for the rims.

Agro Tonho

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  1. Michael says:

    hi, thank you for this mod. i have used it in many fs games but in older fs i was able to use the trailer behind trucks (man tgx) but now i can only use the trailer for tractors. is there a way you can add it so i can have a trailer behind my truck? thank you very much

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