Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v5.0 FS22

Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v5.0 FS22

Lizard, the leading brand in virtual farming, has released their Colossus Harvester Pack for all virtual farmers to enjoy.

Changelog V
Vineyard Update

– Colossus 2000 vineyard harvester
– Vineyard cultivator, mulcher, and Pruner to encourage more grape and olive harvesting, especially for those seeking easier options.
– Titan Trailer for bulk crop transport
– Cotton and Grapes added to all bulk categories
– Poplar forage header
– New realistic LED Becaon options

– Simplified capacity configurations for root cart and root harvester
– Corrected header trailer snap
– Price adjustments
– Color organization

Have you ever wanted to customize a harvester to match other equipment on your farm? Do you sometimes want to complete a harvest but don’t exactly have the time to complete it?
If this is you, then this pack is exactly what you need. Included in this pack are four harvesters and appropriate headers that will allow you to harvest your crop the way you see fit.
Do you like to go fast? Then utilize the “fast farm editions” for unrealistic farming that will allow you to expand your farm faster.
If unrealistic isn’t exactly your thing, then utilize the realistic options included.
All harvesters are highly customizable so you can truly make them your own.

This was a family project and we hope you enjoy the mod!

Colossus 9000 Harvester:
Capacity: 15,000 – 1,250,000 liters
Base Price: $300,900
HP: 900 – 3050

Titan Header:
Work Width: 45 feet (13.8M)
Price: $72,600
(Uses the Nardi 60-45 header trailer)

Titan Corn Header:
Work Width: 29.5 feet (9M)
Price: $72,600

Titan Corn Header Trailer:
Price: $11,300

Titan Draper:
Work Width: 45 feet (13.8M)
Price: $88,000

Colossus Root Harvester:
Base Price: $353,000
Capacity: 43,000 – 2,500,000 liters
HP: 800 – 3000

Sugar Beet Header:
Price: $73,900
Work Width: 13 feet (4M)

Potato Header:
Price: $73,900
Work Width: 13 feet (4M)

Root Header Trailer:
Price: $8,500

Colossus Root Cart:
Base Price: $72,000
HP Required: 350
Capacity: 45,000 – 5,000,000 liters

Colossus 7000 Cotton Harvester:
Base Price: $376,000
HP: 690 – 1250
Speed: 23 – 42 MPH
Working Speed: 8 MPH
Working Width: 19.6 Feet (6M)

Colossus 7000 Cotton Harvester Unreal:
Base Price: $376,000
HP: 690 – 2925
Speed: 23 – 125 MPH
Working Speed: 23 – 40 MPH
Working Width: 19.6 Feet (6M)

Colossus 6000 Forage Harvester:
Base Price: $300,900
HP: 900 – 3050
Speed: 27 – 125 MPH

Titan Forage Header
Price: $72,600
Work Width: 29.5 feet (9M)

Colossus 2000 Grape Harvester
Price: $72,600
Working Speed: 10 MPH
Capacity: 3,350 – 100,000 liters

– Base Color
– Design Color
– Frame Color
– Rim Color
– Tire
– Beacon Styles
– Window Tint
– Custom color palette with all base game colors

Changelog V
– Premium Edition Root Headers ***Premium Edition DLC required***
– Additional Wheel configurations for Colossus 6000 and Root Harvester
– Chrome color options
– New sounds to all harvesters
– Vassili_K98 Forage Harvester Sound
– Lizard decal option for Colossus 9000
– Passenger script to all harvesters ***Kubota DLC Required***
– Colossus Root Cart

Changelog V
– Colossus 6000 Forage Harvester
– Titan Forage Headers
– Additional engine configurations

– Increased discharge speed to Colossus 9000
– Fixed straw swath drop on Colossus 9000
– Color tint opacity
– New description

ChrisS and RileyS

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  1. Need Help on the cotton picker says:

    The picker works/runs however it will not unload, either one of them. It fills just fine but will not unload or even show the bale size bar once the picker starts picking. I hope this makes since to you. I hope you can fix this soon I am on a HUGE field and am a 16x map, so you know what that means HUGE firlds, lol

  2. HyDrOpOnIc1987 says:

    Problem with the unrealistic cotton harvester. It wont let me fold and unfold it saying I have to empty it, yet it was JUST bought lol I havent tried the unrealistic version as I was planning on using it on a bigger map.

    When the mod works, its my most used Harvester mod 🙂

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