Make Loads of Anything with Farming Simulator 22 Cheats

Make Loads of Anything with Farming Simulator 22 Cheats

The Tip Anywhere cheat is perhaps the most important and most powerful cheat in the entire FS22 game. Thanks to a simple gsTipAnywhereAdd command, you can create large piles of seeds, manure, wheat, chaff, and much more – instantly, and with no work at all.

Accessing the developer console

This FS22 tipping cheat can only be enabled on PC devices, as you’ll need access to the developer console.

The FS22 tipping cheat only works on computers. You’ll have to enable the developer console to make use of it. That will require you to press the tilde key (~), usually placed at the top-left of the keyboard. Entering commands here is an incredible tool not only for potential cheaters, but modders as well.

Let’s say that you’ve got a silage blade. For testing it, you could do a boring harvesting job to get some chaff – but instead, now you can use the Tip Anywhere cheat to make the process a lot more simple.

gsTipAnywhereAdd Cheat

This cheat is useful in a variety of ways. With it, you can make either a single heap, or a row of heaps. The command is constructed as follows:

gsTipAnywhereAdd <filltype> <amount> <length> <rows> <spacing>

You’ll need to replace these variables with your desired information. What do these variables mean? The main ones are two:

<filltype> – The thing you want to get a lot of. It’s only one word, and you can type in options such as “oat”, “barley”, “wheat”, and more.
<amount> – How big you want the pile to be (in liters)

Then, you can also add additional variables, such as:

<length> – The long do you want the piles to be (in meters)
<rows> – How many rows of the material should the cheat make
<spacing> – How big should the spaces between the rows be?
Examples of the gsTipAnywhereAdd Cheat
gsTipAnywhereAdd chaff 20000

Just like that, this command produces you one nice pile, with 20,000 liters of chaff.

Let’s add an additional variable.

gsTipAnywhereAdd lime 100000 6

With the second number taking the <length> variable, the 100,000 liters of lime are in a pile, 6 meters long.

Let’s go again, and do all the way:

gsTipAnywhereAdd manure 10000 4 2 6
Now, 10,000 liters of manure are in two piles, 6 meters between one another.

Removing Heaps

Heaps you produced can also be removed pretty easily. Just put your character directly in front of the heap in question.
Then, open the dev console, and type in gsTipAnywhereClear followed by a number (5 will do).

Running this will remove 5 meters of the heap, just like that:

In order to get rid of all the heaps you want to remove, you might have to move your character around a bit. But it can still be done!

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