Maypole Farm V2.0 FS22

Maypole Farm V2.0 FS22

Version 2
All sheds at farms can now be destroyed.
Animal pastures that has fields in them can now be accessed via gates.
Traffic spline added
Collectables spread around the map
BGA switched so you don’t need to own it to be able to sell at it
Animal clear area and none tip removed from animal pastures

This map is a fictional Irish map that features many farms with a mixture of animals. There are 127 courts of all shapes and sizes, plenty of grass and arable fields to keep you busy as well as trees to cut down for forestry players or anyone looking to make a quick buck. Due to the number of animal enclosures built into the map, you will need the mod to increase the maximum number of animals allowed:


Please keep in mind that this map is under development and is in early testing with more to add in a later update.

7 farms
128 fields
hedges to be pruned
Excessive forestry
BGA fabrications

Model: Giants, CavalierRoyTexture: GiantsScript: GiantsIdea / Concept: CavalierRoy, Farmer_DadTesting: CavalierRoy, Farmer_Dad, Moondog, Stardog, Hodge,  ALiEN JiM, Irish Conor, Florizzz [DMI]20mmNormandy, B0nezzOther: 

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25 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    Love this map but is there a way for us to play the new update on an existing save? I want to update but when I tried, it lets me load in but I have no sheds 🙁

  2. SebikLG says:

    I have this same problem as Brad. This map is very good, I very like it. When I try play version 2.0 on old save (from V1.0) I have no sheds on all map.

  3. wilco says:

    how to sell any shed or building on the farm? even when im the owner of that plot, then im only able to change name, not to sell.
    To bad, it’s a great map, but now im forced to play ony in the way the buildings allow me, not to remodel it a little bit.

  4. fffsas says:

    how do i update the first v1.0 map to v2.0?

  5. Iquiturris says:

    Is there a way to remove the bushes that separate the fields?

  6. Don says:

    With a brand new save I am unable to sell sheds on farmland I own. How do you sell the sheds?

  7. Stef says:

    Nice map, would be better without the fir trees. Not many of these in UK and IRE.

  8. Simone says:

    Buongiorno. Premetto che per me questa è la miglior mappa mod che si suscita attualmente. L’unica cosa che vorrei sapere e come poter eliminare i troppi alberi che mi impediscono di posizionarne altri. Grazie per la risposta. 😊

  9. LittleDog says:

    Pls remove the collision of the Hedges. They are just annoying and making it impossible to work on many fields.

  10. Nicklas says:

    Is there a map over all the collectables?

  11. Swarnny says:

    Manure extension doesn’t work and cant be deleted

  12. Billy says:

    Love the map I have edited the amount of animals and the amount of feed a bit as I saw it as a bit in realistic and I added a British geo and British number plates it would be nice to see some better gates I like the wooden once from calmsdem and the metal once good to and the walls I like them but they a bit fs17 other than that I love the map if you want help making it better and speak English respond to the message

  13. kristof says:

    Would there be an autodrive course for this map please?

  14. grksz says:

    Hi This Map is quite beautifully designed. But they have the missing aspects.
    1- The ways are very narrow. It is quite hard to go to the fields with harvester on the road. Distressed on turns because of narrow roads.
    2- There is not enough free space on the edges of the field. Blocked bushes on the sides of the field restrict the movement area for harvesters.
    Ways wide, round-trip direction is set according to the EU, the unblocked bushes are removed or a released version of the empty space on the edges of the field.

  15. [IWT] The War says:

    Meal, Have a problem with the Manypole map. You can’t produce wood chips with the wood chips. can you help me at all ????

  16. Chris says:

    Please fix the hedges (non collision ones) since a loaded trailer gets rando stuck in them omg. Also allow us to remove all hedges or something, the collision hedges are terrible. Overall great map if those are fixed.

  17. Chris says:

    Please make it so we can remove the hedges.. Very annoying.
    Otherwise a great map.

  18. guy ritchie says:

    for everyone with issues with the bushes buy a chainsawa and find the stump in the middle of the hedge and remove it the bush goes with it…

  19. Lobito says:

    My favourite map (yes, I know Calmsden equists)!
    Only have one miner problem with the sheep farm connected to field 99. for som reason the sheep cause some major lag and they stutter around the field. the chicken right next to them “behave” absolutely fine.

  20. Snoller Farming says:

    I cant remove manureherp, or lime-station when i try to sell everything

  21. dock18 says:

    Bonjour, j’ai téléchargé la map et installé dans les mod. Seulement quand je fait nouvelle carrière , la map ne figure pas parmis la liste de mes cartes télécharger.. Pourquoi ?
    Merci de votre aide

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