Medicine Creek Farms v1.1 FS22

Medicine Creek Farms v1.1 FS22

Medicine Creek’s waters flow south to the mighty Missouri River bottoms. The creek drains thousands of acres of farm ground and is home to rolling hills and bottom ground containing rich black dirt. The fields are large and will provide a challenge for those who hope to get rich farming them.

NoCreekFarms, Owen

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22 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    This doesn’t seem to work. It comes up as a mod, but it doesn’t show up under maps. If you enable it and load into a map, it tosses a prompt telling you it requires global company.

  2. Help Me says:

    Unable to get it to work

  3. Arteides says:

    For some reason this map does not appear in the map selection list for me. It shows as installed under “Downloadable Content”, you just can’t start a game on it.

    Already tried re-downloading and installing.

  4. EVL says:

    This isn’t a legitimate FS22 map.

  5. Farmer Issa says:

    This map does not show up in game once its in the mods dir.

  6. leonardo says:

    Map does not appear in maps area to be selected to play but appears in installed mods , error returned in game log >>> Error: Failed to load mod map ‘FS22_MedicineCreek_v1_1’. Missing attribute ‘

  7. MetalHead says:

    Doesn’t work won’t even load without Global Company.

  8. Scott says:

    map is not showing up when asked to choose a map to play. I’ve used other player made maps, they work fine.

  9. Scott says:

    its showing up as a mod in my mod listings when i go to load my usual game. So somehow it got flagged as a mod, not as a map i guess. no idea.

  10. Theereal24 says:

    Its does not show up in game

  11. bitsbytes says:

    This isn’t compatible with FS22. Don’t download.

  12. Mister Bauer says:

    Thanks for the map. Unfortunately the map doesn’t load. Unable to make a YT presentation

  13. heiko börger says:


  14. heiko börger says:

    the card does not open

  15. Albert says:

    Működik, de annyira bugos hogy nem lehet vele játszani. Kár. Így használhatatlan

  16. Eric J Hetherington says:

    the maker of this map, needs to fix this map to make it playable.

  17. Miro_V says:

    No work. Bad transfer from FS19.

  18. dotu says:

    not working

  19. Viacheslav says:

    Repair pls this beautiful map!

  20. Bonk says:

    another broke mod , dont waste your time

  21. Andersen says:

    The map doesn’t pass the loading phase… I managed to fix the error described in the game log, but now… there is nothing to do

  22. george says:

    It’s missing a default placeables in maps line

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