Osiek Map v4.3 FS22

Osiek Map v4.3 FS22

Hello, everyone. Map Axle compatible with Premium Expansion. This custom map size 4x the standard map includes everything FS22 has to offer plus additional crops such as rye, wheat, millet, spelt, green rye, alfalfa, clover, onion and Premium Expansion crops such as carrots, parsnips and beets. Many forests, 131 agricultural fields, 210 farmlands, all the basic productions of the game and much more.
On the map we have a large former state farm, unfortunately it went bankrupt and you bought it on the way of a tender.
The bailiff put the farm into bankruptcy, sold some of the land but a lot remained, unfortunately the farm machinery is not in the best condition so you will be forced to repair it or replace it with new ones.
After buying the farm, you still have some cash left to restore the machinery.
Lead the farm on the straight path to wealth.
Go to your office at the farm, you can move into your office and then you have a trigger in the build menu. Decide where to live, look around in the state of possession, make your first purchases and start harvesting which is already ready, time urgent, good luck.
Required modifications for proper operation included in the package. Most of them can be downloaded from Mod Hub but there are also some that are adapted only for this map.

1. FS22_ChickencoopEuropean
2. FS22_AnimalFoodOverview
3. FS22_AnimalTransportPack
4. FS22_meadowFence_placeables
5. FS22_Cellar (modified) Please do not update.
6. FS22_BigDisplay
7. SleepTrigger
8. FS22_Panther_2_PremiumDLC

For the start we get:
Easy level 1399000 thousand cash plus a large farm and arable fields.
Average level of 4 million cash and an old pickup from 1986. Nothing more.
Difficult level 2 million cash and old pickup 1986. Nothing more.
Map ready for precision farming.
We can cultivate the soil at many angles (360 st) on the map there are examples of places to build your own farm (Farm Place)
If you want your own license plates change the file (licensePlates) in the folder (maps) to your own.
Many new textures on the map also with Premium Expansion.
Added two railway purchases to sell products directly from wagons
The railway silo is neutral and you can store your collections in it
Contains production buildings with Premium Expansion
If you breed goats, you can sell the milk at the Dairy and Cheese Factory
Contains silos for making silage from clover and alfalfa (Maize Plus)
After a rainy day some fields and areas may be flooded with water

Contains scripts:
Animated Map Objects. Allows the proper functioning of animated objects such as gates.
MoreTrees, allows you to plant and put more trees
Husbandry Limit Increaser, increases the number of enclosures for animals on the map
Collect Straw At Missions, allows you to collect straw on grain harvesting missions
Place Anywhere, makes it easy to place objects from within the game
Refresh Contracts, refreshes the list of contracts
Multiple Missions, allows you to download dozens of missions (contracts) at once
Productions Limit Increaser (increases the number of production plants on the map)
I wish everyone a good time in the fields of Osiek.

Yazu Thanks for feedback and testing the map for: - leodus8977 - RodaTauri - PanShadowr - Kingfarmer8 - dawiddawid4296 - Pemo79 - wagnera.dasilva333 - Jareckus - krystiankacala8655

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