Pallet Autoload Specialization V1.2.1 FS22

Pallet Autoload Specialization V1.2.1 FS22

Improved translations RU by Nagor
Translation into IT by Markus33 [ITA] Translations in FR stolen from illegal new release of my mod by BOB51160
Fixed lua bug when selling after unloading
Created your own mod icon.

Publication on other sides only by myself, linking only with original download link. NO alternative link!
Changing or re-uploading, whether in whole or in part, is not allowed!

An example of how to use in your own mod you will find in the Strautmann SEK 802 Pallet Autoload Version
Currently only default Euro pallets, liquidTanks, bigbag pallets and Cotton Square Bales are possible, more should follow.

How to use:
Drive next to the pallets and then with [R] you can start the loading process.
Make sure you have selected the correct pallet type.
The pallets are then as loaded by hand on the loading area.
Fasten with straps before you drive, otherwise it fell of.
You can choose the unloading side and unload it.

Script: Achimobil
Idee / Konzept: Achimobil

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23 Responses

  1. aaa says:

    how does it work?

  2. Paul_R says:

    This one doesn’t work with me. If I press R nothing happend.

  3. Ashcom says:

    Doesn’t seem to work, get no additional options when driving next to any pallets

  4. JacobKek says:

    Why doesnt it work on multi 🙁

  5. Manolo says:

    I see how it’s suppose to work but doesn’t show up or actually work for me. Does it work with any flatbed / lowboy / flat bale trailer ? or is it an options when you buy the trailer ?

  6. why says:

    no controller compat. ?

  7. jesper says:

    it doesnt work i did what the description told me to do

  8. Alisson says:

    Not working dude, cant unload, no controller compat, alot of bugs

  9. Shadow says:

    Im just getting autoload: nothing no matter what pallet i drive up to or type of pallet i select. Im using the farmtech dpw 1800 mod, am i doing something wrong?

  10. Konrad says:

    It doesnt Working

  11. alain0306 says:

    Can you add the tree pallets please?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  12. xkwwckswfiswabxjjv says:

    It doesn’t work.
    “An example of how to use in your own mod”
    Do you mean it doesn’t work for existing in-game vanilla trailers and works only for modded trailers if a mod author added support to it? There is nothing about it in description and it’s unclear but it might explain why it doesn’t work.

    • Zeyneddin says:

      Last night, I downloaded and installed Farming Simulator 22 v1.2. And I tried this mod. It works flawlessly.

      but it is true that it does not work if the old version farming simulator game is installed.

      Download the update version of the game to fix this problem.

  13. Zeyneddin says:

    I want Turkish language support added. I can also do the translation for this. How can I contact you to translate the necessary files in this regard?

  14. Mando says:

    when i move it to mods folder without unzip not working in game no additional options when driving next to any pallets
    how can i setup it ?? unzip it or move to new folder ?

  15. Paul_R says:

    This mod doesn’t work for me when I also have the strong farmer mod loaded. If I don’t use the strong farmer mod, this mod will work.

  16. Ryan says:

    So are the greenhouse and or egg pallets a type that’s not supported yet? Or is it a version problem (game or mod)? I could load the herbicide pallet but not greenhouse or eggs.

  17. emy says:

    i cant get the mod to work. downloaded it inserted in mods folder but it wont show up to select it

  18. Phillyc942 says:

    the pallets do not get strapped down and do not stay on when using the straps

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