Pallet warehouse for all pallets with 375000 capacity v1.1 FS22

Pallet warehouse for all pallets with 375000 capacity v1.1 FS22

With the placeable Pallet Warehouse you can store all the pallets you can make in the game.
375000 capacity
I hope you enjoy the mod and feel free to post my mod on other mod sites using the original download link
Best regards


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14 Responses

  1. Cristian Mihalcea says:

    After installing this mod my property income got to 100k positive daily …any idea why?…

  2. Darksun says:

    Hi, not working for me. Pallets pop right out to pick up area after being taken in, even when output set on storage and production off (default). There is also the problem of the first pallet getting in loses 1 liters for some reason so 999L get stuck in storage. Thanks for the help!

    • Tricky says:

      I figured out the pallet situation. It’s because you have them set to store instead of distribute. I have noticed on my server that items are being sent to the warehouse instead of the factories that need it.

  3. brad says:

    also getting a free monthly income i dont want from it any ideas how to fix? cant see anything in the xml

  4. Tricky says:

    Having an issue where the pallets are auto extracting from the building. I want to only have pallets out when I ask for them.

  5. Diego says:

    Hi, for cancel the monthly incoming, go on .xml file and change “dailyUpkeep” line to “0”, i change also “lifetime” line to “0” but i dont know what change…
    For auto extracting pallets from building, replace “storage” in the corret production with “distribution” and pallets stay inside the warehouse, if you want extracting change in “storage”

  6. Bowling says:

    the pallets come out in random order… i want to get out the kind of pallets it want at that time… can get my honey out at the moment by exeample

  7. Bowling says:

    i want to store my my pallets in here… and get them out in front… but only the one kind i need at that time…. can this be done?

  8. Craig says:

    Can you store seed pallets in this building?

  9. Hapci says:

    it’s a shame it doesn’t work well. That would be a good mod

  10. Ricardo says:

    Hola. Muchas gracias. Gran mod. Te faltan las pasas y las tablas y estaría perfecto. Aún así esta genial. un saludo

  11. Ricardo says:

    funciona perfectamente.. hay que jugar con distribución y almacenaje. y sacas los palets que quieras

  12. Clint says:

    What mod is it under

  13. William says:

    Hi, i cant find the pallet warehouse between the mods? Im on ps4 but it should be there right? Someone who knows were?

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