Savonmaa Map v2.0.2 FS22

Savonmaa Map v2.0.2 FS22

The nature in the middle of the lakes is very beautiful, but you have to work hard to make a living in here.

This update does not totally mess up ver. save, but most of the changes do not appear on the map. Starting a new save is suggested.

– fish farming mod built-in with some modifications. (original author VX mapping)
– added a new bakery.
– you can set the sawmill to produce wood chips only.
– Wood chip silo at the sawmill rebuilt.
– field 7 splits in two, fields 10 and 13 are now larger.
– fieldstone overhaul; volume and mass tuned down from the previous version, drawing distance increased.
– environmental sounds added.
– English translations for the selling points added.
– some deco objects and A.I. driving courses added.

The terrain is rough and rocky, and cold and dark winter doesn’t make things any easier.
This is mainly a forestry map, but you can do whatever you want; crops, animals, production, anything goes.

The map includes:
– realistic landscape
– different forest types and more than 5000 trees.
– 17 fields that are not all flat and square.
– buyable cow barn, horse- and sheep pastures. All customized.
– buyable sawmill, grain mill, bakery, and six greenhouses. All customized.
– fish farming mod by VX mapping built-in with some modifications.
– small lots for your production buildings.
– selling points for almost all the products.
– vehicle shop, gas station, and animal dealer.
– free slurry and manure.
– 4 farmhouses, one smaller cabin, and one tent with sleeping triggers.
– contracts.
– realistic Scandinavian weather.
– custom crop calendar and soil map.
– Finnish license plates. (by Mr_Mazzony)
– and much more!


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4 Responses

  1. Joonaz says:

    Ei tarvitsisi enää kuin ojat niin olisi 10/10, nyt 9/10
    Hienoa työtä!

    • Agame78 says:

      Kiitos! Ne saa tehtyä siististi vain neljään ilmansuuntaan niin on sen takia jäänyt tekemättä kun pellot menee aika randomisti.

  2. guest says:

    I really love this map.It gives you the right kind of vibe that you’d expect in Scandinavian remoteness. It’s a shame that it crashes my game every 5-10 minutes. It’s unfortunately unplayable. This is the first and only map where it happens to me. Any chance you could look into it?

    • Agame78 says:

      Hard to say, I have increased the drawing distances quite alot, maybe thats the reason in case you have an old computer.
      At the moment i’m trying to get it to pass ModHub tests and i have repacked some textures which may have been a problem too.

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