Talbach 2K23 v2.0.0.0BETA3 FS22

Talbach 2K23 v2.0.0.0BETA3 FS22

Talbach (FS22) Update Release Notes:
New save game required!

Update BETA3:
NEW: Charging station for Milk Shuttle. The charging station is in the garden house, immediately on the right. Thanks to Farmer_Andy for sharing the cables
– Small fixes/changes
– Rabbit meat removed
– Sales prices of certain products increased
– Added Czech translation by Mysak_Bob. Thank you for that
– Foliage of alfalfa & clover revised including distance textures
– Decal Collis on the compost silo removed
-Fixed fruit destruction for alfalfa & clover
– Water tarpaulin under the bridge (at field 17) adjusted slightly. Only appears when it rains
– Swath height adjusted

NEW: Organic oasis:
– Opposite the restaurant parking lot is now the organic oasis. Fruit and vegetables can be sold there. You can find out which goods are taken from the price list
– Sales possible from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No sales possible after 6 p.m

NEW: Pet Dealer:
– Milk can now be purchased from the animal dealer. Added for players who prefer to work with fattening bulls and calves need milk in the box
– Think carefully about how much you want to buy, as the price is quite high. Why? So that the cows continue to make sense.
– Milk can be purchased from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. No milk purchase possible after 3 p.m

NEW: Milk production:
– The small hall is located near the hay drying facility
– Milk powder can be purchased in the shop. Purchase is also possible at: BayWa & Baumarkt. Thanks to Thalvur for sharing
– The small production requires milk powder & water for production (ManureSystem ready)
– The production is for players who would like to play with fattening bulls

After downloading you will receive a RAR file, which you must first unzip. However, ZIP files do not need to be unpacked because they are already the mods. If you have problems unpacking, please use WinRAR to unpack.

Required mods:
– LSFM BigBag Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM BigBag Pack)
– LSFM Farm Equipment Pack: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Farm Equipment Pack )
– LSFM Universal Ball Bearing: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: LSFM Universal Ball Bearing)
– ObjectStorage Mod: GtX|Andy (Modhub: https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=d…09&title=fs2022 )
– Meridian TL12-39 AL: Farmer_Andy (LSFM: Meridian TL12-39 AL )

Optional mods:
– If you want to play with MaizePlus, you need the file “FS22_maizePlus_animalFoodAdditions.zip” in your mod folder. The feeding of the animals was adjusted here. Many thanks to Achimobil for the release (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– Maize Plus: The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher (Modhub Download)
– RealismAddon AnimalGrazing: model saver (Modhub Download)
– GoeweilFilltypesExtension Mod: Ifko[nator] (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– PrecisionFarming: GIANTS Software (Adapted to the Talbach) (Included in the pack)
– manureSystem: Wopster (Modhub Download v1.2.0.0 is required)
– BPG_driveDistance Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
– RealGPS Mod (Built in the PickUp) (LSFM Download)
– Vertex IC Mod (Built in PickUp and various trailers) (Modhub Download)
– K75B WIFO: 76-Max (Modhub Download)
– Cantilever rack: PrivatPrivat (Modding World Download)

FS22 game version:
– FS22 must have version, otherwise the map will not run

Contents of the “FS22 Talbach AIO Pack”:
In the map pack there are 3 folders one with the name “autoDrive_Kurse”, “customPDA_Talbach” and “optionalMods”

The AD course for the map is stored here. This is adapted to the current status of the map

Here is a customized PDA map for our mod “RealGPS”. You can find the mod on the LSFM page under “Downloads”. Please note the installation video for “customPDA”.

Optional mods
There is an adapted precision farming version here that has been specially adapted for compost, clover and alfalfa
You can also find the Goeweil Filltype Extension here, this is an additional mod for the Goeweil DLC which makes it possible to process the extra bales on the Talbach
Maize Plus AnimalFoodAdditions which adapts the feeding under Maize Plus for the Talbach

General information about other mods or DLCs:
– Maize Plus is fully supported on the current map version. Current Maize Plus Mod from Modhub is recommended
– AnimalGrazing is supported on the current map version. Current RealismAddon AnimalGrazing Mod from Modhub is recommended
– Precision farming is fully supported since version of the map. Function of compost, clover & alfalfa, the use of the adapted version of Precision Farming is necessary (included in the pack)
– Göweil DLC is fully supported here
– Danger! The productions from the Platinum DLC (ForestDLC) are not supported on the map because there are no sales points for the products.


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