The Elmcreek Extension v1.4.2 FS22

The Elmcreek Extension v1.4.2 FS22

The Elmcreek Extension

  • The original Elmcreek twice as big
  • 3 Saw mills
  • 3 BGA’s
  • All of the original buy/sell points plus many more
  • LOTS of forest lands for logging
  • 161 Fields
  • 173 Purchasable properties
  • All placeables are sellable
  • Pre-built farms ready for use
  • Train now circles the map and is free to use
  • Lots, lots, more!

This is a must see map! If you enjoy the original Elmcreek, you are really going to like this. Please be aware that this is a beta release version. I fixed all the issues I was aware of but there may still be some things I missed. If you find any issues or errors that need to be fixed, please report them to me here at and I will push out the changes in a future update.

Changelog 4/22/22:

  • Fixed broken shader at oil refinery

Changelog 4/21/22:

  • Added Precision Farming update
  • Fixed issue with the Depot and Buzz’s Sawmill sell points
  • Minor cosmetic changes
Bauer Brown

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19 Responses

  1. remko243 says:

    sheep farms and chickens stop producing after a while

  2. Disclosed says:

    Who would want a circular field?

  3. Ioshva says:

    I am loving this so much. I always thinking original was too small. New areas is working with old good. Awsome that barn can sell now too. You can only improve if you make the 16x (LOL). Very good job Bauer Brown.

  4. will says:

    Running this on a Dedi with a few players, we are always getting stuck on host acceptance on the server. only ever happens with this map

    really apricate if you can look into this

  5. krinkle27 says:

    can you make the buildings at 64 to 67 sellable like they are on the base version please

  6. Ioshva says:

    I buy field 150 now house is my house. I can’t place house until I distruct. I did not place him.

  7. Forgivemepls says:

    why can you only have 2 pastures on this map?

  8. Twiggy742 says:

    Thanks again Bauer, doing a great job on this map , could you sort the junctions out please, at the bottom of the highway there is a massive hump in the cross section , at the top of the road that goes past the village in bottom right corner , follow that to the T junction you have a border stone laying across at the crossing .

    Still can’t get precision update to work , maybe clashing with some of my mods .
    Anychance of sorting the missions out? very low prices for the sizes of fields .
    can you soften the edges on the 2 round fields , 142 and 143 i think it is, please.
    anchance you can add more fruits , just a couple ,
    can’t sell the electric charging point also .

    many thanks

  9. FarmerSam says:

    Anyone know if terrafarm works on this map?

  10. PingOfTheHill says:

    this map is not working for a dedicated MP server. says theres 81 issues. any clew when this will be fixed really love this map

  11. Emzo says:

    Hi Just a Heads Up! My friends and I use this Map on a server, and the whole map is covered in Loamy Sand. There is no variation to it at all. So seeding it costs way more then it should if the Precision Farming was working right.

  12. robert thompson says:

    train is stuck by feild 117

    • Twiggy742 says:

      i rented it at the top station , it reversed then i let it go and its been fine ever since

  13. Forlorn Wolf says:

    No soil type variation. Many map bugs such as levitating roads at the left of field 141. One of a kind large, great map but lazily done.

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