Water Delivery v1.0 FS22

Water Delivery v1.0 FS22

No Fill Required, Set production to “Distributing” will distribute water to greenhouses and possibly any production that needs water (not tested with delivery to production) if works for production please let me know, example seed fert chem company for seeds.


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15 Responses

  1. Crazy Nomad says:

    This does not seem to work for me

    • Crazy Nomad says:

      How do these work? I set a tank next to a greenhouse and set for production and no water goes to the greenhouse.

      • Mountain Man says:

        It does take a little while. I set it to store for a bit to let it build up and then switch to distribute so it is easier to tell if it is working.

  2. Joe Busby says:

    Awesome mod. For anyone having issues, my tank distributes to greenhouses at around 2500-2600L

  3. Bruno vaquero says:

    I cant make it work yet

  4. J says:

    helicopter doesnt fly at all

  5. Mountain Man says:

    It takes time to build up but I have 5 green houses and every few in game months I have to switch it to sell for an in game month other wise the production hub notification pops up that the water delivery is full again. One thing that helps is if you put enough water in the green house to start ,just enough that the bar turns green.

  6. lorenzo says:

    No funciona, ni suministra a invernadero ni a animales

  7. UncleDust says:

    Does it “buy” water, or does it use my free water? Seems like my production costs went through the roof, killing my profit. I will further test, I’ll reply what I found.

  8. UncleDust says:

    Production cost per month, 4800. You only need one. Do not make the mistake thinking you need one for each greenhouse. One for me, planted in the center of 12 greenhouses. It keeps up with all of them without running out. I have not tested the range. My farthest greenhouse if approximately 60-75m away.

  9. Chris says:

    Doesn’t seem to work with a large sheep barn, output set to distributing, and the tank just fills up without transferring any to the sheep. It’s a modded barn, so not sure if the issue is with this mod or my sheep pen, but just FYI

  10. Hosfae says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this Mod, It works and It does Exactly what I want it to do. However, it does it TOO Well. Currently it is set to Produce 48,000 L Per Month and cost $4800 to do that. I dont need that much water per month. Is it possible for you to create Multiple Production levels . As its currently 500 per production. Perhaps a 5/10/50/100/250/500?
    Just a thought.

  11. fabiofarm says:

    the mod is working ? becouse i set the activate it and set it to distribute. but look nothing works

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