BIG RIVER X16 V0.0.0.3 Multiplayer ready FS22

BIG RIVER X16 V0.0.0.3 Multiplayer ready FS22

Version MP BETA
Multiplayer ready! (Starts with me log error-free in multiplayer)
Big River License Plates
Factories capacity increased dramatically (the reason for this are missions that demand more unloading than that
Factory (CerealFactory, grainMill, OilPlant, SugarMill)

Version BETA
Bridges Collision fixed (new railings)
Water fixed (no more driving through)
Shop space slightly enlarged
Mod folder cleared up some MB saved ^^

Basic framework in terms of roads and terrain is from WildWestx16 from LS19, roads textures are new and yes I’m not happy with them yet either :/ otherwise the build is completely new except for the port which is in the same place.
Please note it is the BETA version! I’m modding completely alone therefore it takes a bit until new versions are released(currently I’ve worked 3 weeks almost daily hours on it >.<)! Currently does not go on optics for now my focus is to create a working map if that all fits it goes on with decorations

And PLEASE tell me bugs,visual bugs etc with a 16 tray map it’s hard to look at everything
98 fields from 0.9670 acres
Large farm area with adjacent flat area to expand the farm!
Road lanterns with no collision! (Autodrive and courseplay friendly)
Pigs, sheep and chickens obstructed at the farm. The cowshed is tucked away a bit from the farm(the reason for this is the feeding robot so there is not always something in the way)
Water can be taken from the lake
5 large construction areas
Large BGA with 3 large silos
2 gas stations
3 lime stations
10 sales points (+2 stone sales points)
11 Productions(the area where the buildings are located are yours once you buy a factory)
Lime sellable(in the modhub there is a mod to make lime from stones)
Fertilizer/Seed sellable(there is a mod for seed and fertilizer production from FedAction)
Mixed ration/fodder sellable
Grass/hay/straw/silage can be sold as bales or with a trailer!
Growth made faster for those playing without Seasons
large 16mio multisilo

Tester: S1m4l Sonstige: Cazz64

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33 Responses

  1. Cristian Mihalcea says:

    Seasonal growth still not working….

  2. sascha says:

    Still no Dedi Support?

  3. Ramon says:

    I only see the stones sale point

  4. Tim Brown says:

    the flags at the shop cause issues with colisions when purchasing some larger vehicles, as does the fence behind the equipment,. IE the walkabout motherbin. Love this Map BTW… great job.

  5. Duwayne says:

    Will not connect to multi player server keep getting lost conection with server, gets to 99% then disconects

  6. Nahaz says:

    Crashes in Multiplayer when trying to sync

  7. tony says:

    no sell point for soya 😉

  8. DutchOpsGaming says:

    Did put it on Dedicated sever but loads till 99% then crash , lost conection to host/server ????? Any ide wat that is or can be Thnx

  9. mika says:

    bonjour a 99 % sa deconnecte du serveur pourquoi merci de corriger cette erreur pour qu on puisse se connecter dessus avec un serveur

  10. Sned says:

    Can’t buy field 36, keep hitting inviable things on the interstate ramps.

  11. Tom Schneider says:

    Der Multiplayer geht immer noch nicht man verliert bei 99% die Vebindung zum Server

  12. Nemo429 says:

    v0.0.0.2 worked great in MP on a dedicated server when you swapped only the MP false to true. Tried loading v0.0.0.3 and it corrupted my save game on the dedicated server with the 99% load and server instance crashes. This is running on a dedicated server – not local server hosting multiplayer. I can load the map in locally hosted multiplayer (I host from my PC while playing) but cannot when putting onto a dedicated server machine even one locally in my house unless it is running the game in local host multiplayer mode.

    • Nemo429 says:

      UPDATE: – FOR BOTH and instances –
      I have found that if you do not restart the server from when you first start the map – you can avoid the 99% issue. I weeded out all mods and was able to say that on a Dedi server – the map works and continues to work but you CANNOT enable auto restart of the server. As soon as the server restarts after the map has been up for a decent period of time – you get the sync issue when doing the multiplayer sync. If you run on a local machine – you do not see any sync issues for multiplayer. I do not get any data in the log when the Dedi server instance shuts down – it just closes the server instance with no data in the logs at all. I am unsure where to look. The only error I see when it starts up is when you put down the included large chicken pen – there are a few Lua errors that generate shortly after that is placed. I do not know if the chicken pen is a modded version included but may be worth starting there?

  13. LU:GS Schorp81 says:

    Der Multiplayer geht immer noch nicht man verliert bei 99% die Vebindung zum Server v0.0.0.3

  14. Mr mods says:

    la map ne fonctionne pas en multiplayer.. testée sur serveur G-portal

  15. looping says:

    impossible de la faire fonctionner elle plante a 99%

  16. Luc Schouten says:

    Great big map. On the crossroad between field 24 25 and 26 is a tree on the middle of the road. i can’t buy any factory’s. when are there autodrive courses. Thank you

  17. fsdfdf says:

    The soil compasition map does not seem to work , when you click to it seems to show the crop map colors still in stead of the blue for ferelized field and what not .

  18. pier_luc says:

    it’s very a nice map … would like to put it on my dedicated serveur but, but sadly it doesn’t fonction on a dedicated server … 99% and than crash

  19. Gabriel says:

    Excelente mapa, pero no se puede jugar multijugador al momento de sincronizar con demás jugadores llega al 99% de sinconisacion y se sierra el juego, por favor arreglenlo es una lastima por que es excelente mapa

  20. antonio muñoz gallardo says:

    Excelente mapa, pero no se puede jugar multijugador al momento de sincronizar con otros jugadores llega al 99% de sinconisacion y se sierra el juego, por favor arreglenlo es una lastima por que es excelente mapa

  21. josryg says:

    i have noticed with grass (have tested anything else) that if you run at time x0.5. the grass grows one step everytime a min have gone in game. having the timescale at x1 fixed it, after its next tic.

  22. Unixan says:

    Sowed canola and slept for 3 days (1 month pr day) and no growth. Seasonal growth off.

  23. Spyrootjuh says:

    I like the big fields, but a lot of issues with the game if you like to build a complete farm. I cannot plant trees (limit reached), I cannot place fences everywhere (is in conflict with other object while in an open place).

  24. Andrew says:

    cant play multiplayer keeps crashing during sync

  25. LSPlayer says:

    Hey I wanna start the Map on a Nitrado Server, but it crashed at 99% can somebody help me?

  26. TiAmaTrisGaming says:

    Feld 36 kann man nicht kaufen. Bäume in der Feuerwache. Großes Loch am Startpunkt.

  27. Alessandro says:

    Are any updates required? the rescue is very slow

  28. richyrich says:

    Was quite pleased with the map though large maps are not really my thing. Near the harbour there are fences hovering and i wanted to rebuild the farm, but found the lighting cannot be removed, shame.

  29. Christopher Bailey says:

    not working on Multiplayer

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