Enlarge Field Yield V1.0.1 FS22

Enlarge Field Yield V1.0.1 FS22

Usage: Install as usual mod.

How does it work?
Increase fields yield and reduce fertilizer/lime usage.

Predefined settings:
wheat – 10x increase
barley – 8x increase
oat – 6x increase
cotton – 2x increase
canola – 6x increase
sunflower – 4x increase
soybean – 10x increase
maize – 6x increase
potato – 2x increase
sugarbeet – 2x increase
oilseedradish – 2x increas
poplar – 2x increase
sugarcane – 2x increase
grass – 6x increase
drygrass – 6x increase

Seeds usage for several crops sliglty reduced.
All fertilizer usage is reduced to a bit as well.

Style, you need to do next:

1. Install mod and launch the game. That will generate settings file, which you may find here:
“C: \ Users \ {username} \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ modsSettings \ EnlargeFieldYield \ enlargeFieldYieldSettings.xml”

2. Open enlargeFieldYieldSettings.xml and edit next attributes:
For crops:
– seedUsagePerSqm – control amount of seed usage. Lower value => less seeds will be used.
– literPerSqm – control yield amount. Lower value => less yield you want to get.

For Fertilizers:
– litersPerSecond – control amount of fertilizer usage. Lower value => less fertilizer will be used ..

Attributes like defaultSeedUsagePerSqm, defaultLiterPerSqm, defaultLitersPerSecond I give for orientation what is in vanilla game.

Error-free. Works in multiplayer.


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22 Responses

  1. say says:

    In the “enlargeFieldYieldSettings” file are the default original values ​​or multiplied?

  2. Damian says:

    Could you make normal version with no fertiliser?

  3. Linus says:

    I dont know why but I extracted the mod and put it in my mod folder and it isnt working.

    • Chris Gardner says:

      did you extract the entire thing, or just the rar within the initial rar file? Because thats all you need to move. everything else is created by the mod itself.

  4. Farmer NL says:

    yes thank you !!! its faster then i thought it would be !!!

  5. xXxDarkGhostxXx says:

    Is there anyway you go do a mod like this one but only to multiply contract rewards? I have been trying for a few days to figure out how to do this but cannot.

  6. Abo Ali says:

    thx dude

  7. Ivar says:

    it doesn’t work for grass, i have tried grains and those work.

    • Chris Gardner says:

      If you open the enlargefieldyield settings you will see that default grass is 0.03 and current grass is 0.03. It works fine, just fix it.

      • Chris Gardner says:

        It would appear theres a problem. I have tried all variations of grass, the yield does not improve, but the seed usage changes. This must be a thing having to do with how its harvested to the ground, not to a tank.

  8. Chris Gardner says:

    I have confirmed through testing that the issue lies with mowers dropping grass on the ground. If you use a forage harvester the results change drastically. I went from 2500 a swipe on default, to 18000 at 30

  9. Cooper says:

    it says read only and when I overwrite it doesn’t save

  10. DieselStorm says:

    can you add surghum to it

  11. Martijn says:

    Cant add it to my dedicated server :/

  12. jonathan says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to increase the yield of sunflower any idea?

  13. Gsousa says:

    I wish we could have Grapes, Olives and Sorghum in this mod. I tried the other mods but you can’t customise as much. Thanks for the mod tho.

  14. jonathan says:

    I corrected the mod and added the missing crops, like sorghum, grape and olive. I also adjusted the yield of some crops. If you have any question about the yield adjustment I can answer you. Enjoy

  15. matheusgameplay says:

    ola acabei de enviar um mod ai pro modsfile.com
    cortadeira de cana

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