Farming Simulator 22: The guide to potatoes, sugar beets and cotton

Farming Simulator 22: The guide to potatoes, sugar beets and cotton


Cotton is a new plant that can be grown on the Farming Simulator 22. If you decide to buy it, it’s worth getting a large field that’s at least 1 ha. The yields are relatively small and the harvester has a high capacity. In FS22, cotton is produced exclusively for sale.

Once you’re ready to plant cotton, you’ll only need a treated field and any kind of planter. However, you’ll need a special harvester in order to harvest it: Case IH Module Express 635. Luckily though, this machinery is all you will need to grow and harvest cotton. It collects, stores, and processes the resource by itself. You’ll save money since you won’t have to buy additional headers or semi-trailers once the harvest is ready.

Another great thing about the harvester is that it’s fast and doesn’t require any maintenance. It picks up cotton in huge bales which get released when the tank is full. One bale is about 2 ha of cotton, so it’s fair to say that there’s no reason to plant cotton in small fields.

You’ll also need a special trailer. Go to Tools > Cotton technology, and you’ll see two trailer models – either for one or two bales of cotton. In order to collect the bale, drive backwards to it lying on a field and collect it.


What machinery and tools you’ll need to grow potatoes: a plow, a special planter for potatoes, a harvester with a header for potatoes, and a semi-trailer with relatively high capacity.

How to use potatoes: as a food source for pigs, and as a product for sale (1 ha of potatoes is worth around $30,000)

What else do you need to know?

  • You’ll get a lot of yields from potatoes – around 70,000 liters from 1 ha. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a large semi-trailer.
  • You’ll overfill your combine harvester fast, so make sure to always have a semi-trailer nearby to store the yields.
  • The machinery used for growing and harvesting potatoes cannot be used for any other plants.
  • When you harvest your potatoes, you can use potato seeder for filling them – just simply put potatoes back in the seeder.
  • Store potatoes on the ground and load them on semi-trailers using the belt system.

You have to plant potatoes using a special planter which you’ll find in the potato growing technology tab – Grimme GL 420 or GL 869 Comacta. Grimme GL 420 is smaller and cannot fertilize the field during planting. One downside is that the planters are a bit slow and require traditional filling with a seed pallet bought in the shop. To fill the next batch, pour potatoes from the previous harvest into the planter.

There are two ways to ways to harvest potatoes:

The first method: harvest potatoes by using combine harvesters attached to the tractor – Grimme SE 260 or ROPA Keiler 2. However, I advise you to avoid the first model because it needs a front cover (Grimme KS 75-4) to work. The width of the overlap (it’s used to cut the protruding parts of the potato) is wider than the harvester, so the workers tend to avoid potato stripes. Here’s where the ROPA harvester has an edge over the first one – it does not require a front cover attachment.

The second method: harvest potatoes by using a self-propelled combine harvester – Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac. You can find it in the Vehicles section. You won’t need a tractor for this vehicle to work. On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy twice the harvesting area and more than twice the speed while keeping the same storage capacity. If you’re serious about growing potatoes in the FS22, this is the best item you can buy.

Sugar beets

What machinery and tools you’ll need to grow potatoes: a plow, any planter, a harvester with a header for sugar beetroots, and a semi-trailer with high capacity.

How to use sugar beets: as a food source for pigs, and as a product for sale (1 ha of sugar beets is worth around $30,000)

What else do you need to know?

  • 1 ha of sugar beets is worth around 110,000 liters.
  • You can load sugar beets on pallets or collect them straight from the ground by using a belt system.
  • You can leave your beetroots on the ground and collect them later thanks to the special collection head which can be found near the beet harvesters.
  • Even though potatoes are more expensive than beets, the latter are easier and faster to collect, as well as requires cheaper machinery.

Naturally, since the beetroot is easier to grow than potatoes, they’re also cheaper, so you’ll get less profit. The growing of beets doesn’t require anything special: it’s enough to use any planter and have a simple ploughed field.

Once you want to collect your beets from the field, you can get away with buying a cheap Grimme FT 300 model, which can be attached to the front of the tractor. You should also get the Grimme Rootster 604 which attaches to the rear of the tractor. This beetroot harvester is great – it’s fast and reliable.

You can also use a self-propelled combine harvester, which will cost you more, but will make the job more efficient. To find these kinds of harvesters, go to the Beet growing technology tab in the Vehicle section. You’ll see three models there: Ropa Panther 2, Tiger 6 XL, and Holmer Terra Dos T4-40. Their differences lie in their capacity and the width of the headers. You can find the headers in the Best growing technology section inside the Tools section. Every machine has its own beet header. Needless to say that these combine harvesters are excellent and work perfectly.

You’ll also find some additional machines in the self-propelled harvester section, like ROPA Maus 5 and Holmer Terra Felis 3. However, these two aren’t fit for beet harvesting, but only for lifting them up from the ground. You can store the beets in the field, meaning that instead of maneuvering the tractor behind the combine harvester, you can just pour the crop on the field. Then use this machinery to collect the crop in the semi-trailer fast. But keep in mind that you can only use this machinery for a few hectares of land.

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