Felsbrunn Map v1.0.1 FS22

Felsbrunn Map v1.0.1 FS22

Moin, I once converted the Felsbrunn from LS19.

Changed a few trigger points
Fixed info icon on the field (new savegame)
Mapsound fixed
Groundfoliage can now be plowed away
The icon on the field with an existing savegame: look for wardrobeTrigger.xml in placeables.xml and change the value from position = “297.5 10.5 24.5” to position = “4.6 68 722”!

Because my fav map didn’t want to go straight away, I thought,
I go a little slower and first try something simpler … so the Felsbrunn (since everything is nice and standard)
and then according to the motto learning by doing … it’s finished now, I think I’ve learned enough from it,
So now maybe another one … because it would be a shame to keep them only for me … here for everyone
Map should be as far as “standard” LS22, ie all fruits, new soil etc (sugar cane and cotton are built in but deactivated)
Not all things went with the new shaders, which is why the fs19 support shaders are still working here and there … because giants like to mess around
also a shader error in the log, but it doesn’t cause any problems
there are also shaders that go garnich or cause more serious errors, e.g. the triplanarshader,
which was used for the rocks … for this reason the rocks and the background mountain don’t look really nice,
temporarily it has to go like this without having to use the shader …
the map was converted with the first version by editor 9, which destroyed the road to the castle and i made up my mind
Simply flatten the castle and the mountain … more usable area
for this purpose the north port was changed and a sugar factory (the class factory from thüringer heights) was set up and there are large limestone mountains at the south port
(the wheel loader sells lime, drive underneath and let it charge, unfortunately the filling animation doesn’t work and I don’t really know why) …
also sales points for all fruits, wool, milk, wood and wood chips … (I hope they all work …)
There are productions that can be placed in the shop, I don’t think of productions in the LS, but everyone as they want …
the train is only decoration
there are also a few silos and lamps for the courtyard and compared to the standard maps you can draw a few more textures on the floor … as well as some new decoration here and there …
There is water at the pond near the shop and at the water tower near the cattle dealer …
What I tested myself on the side worked, but people like to make mistakes
So if you see something that shouldn’t be like that or something that doesn’t work, leave a comment here and I’ll try to fix it … otherwise, have fun.

PATR10T (Oberland Agrar) Giants Zuckerfabrik: MaxWild (Thüringer Höhe)

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  1. Bobw58 says:

    Brill map, can you rotate spawn point at garage (vehicle sales) as some problems connecting to tools as not enough room between spawn and building

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