Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer v1.0.4 FS22

Fliegl Flatbed Semitrailer v1.0.4 FS22

Price: 20.000$ / 28.000 $
Category: Bale Loaders
Slots: 11

– Trailers are available for bale field jobs
– Two trailer sizes
– Autoload for round (125-180cm, 22-34 bales) or square (120-240cm, 16-300 bales) bales
– Autoload for cotton bales (2-5 bales)
– Autoload for pallets (3x 20,000 – 3x 30,000 Liter; all palettes that are set up by default)
– Pallets autoload Platinum and Premium Expansion ready
– Different working modes for bale and pallet autoload
– Choice of colours for rims, semitrailer and flatbed
– Fliegl logo (rear) selectable in white, red and black
– Rear trailer hitch
– Number plate
– Sounds when attaching and deattaching the trailer
– Tyres (Continental, Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT, Vredestein)
– Supports bales of the Hesston Balers mod (180cm – 240cm )
– Supports bales of the “Krone BigPack 12702 mod
– Supports “Selectable Bale Capacity Pack” mod
– Supports “Universal Autoload” mod in autoload configuration “standard”(PC/MAC only)

Bales: First bring the trailer into the working position, the bales can now be collected. After collecting, return the trailer to the transport position.

To unload, select the unloading place via the unloading mode and unload the bales. After unloading, stop the unloading process.
If the bales are unloaded onto the platform, they can then also be moved manually e.g. by a front loader.
With the working mode, the autoload can be set to either collect the bales from the field or to put them onto the platform before the autoload collects them.

Pallets: There are several loading areas to load different pallets. Each loading area has its own marked loading zone. This marking can be switched on and off.

The loading zone trigger can be adjusted in height to detect the different unloading triggers of the pallets.
Loading starts automatically when a pallet is detected in the loading zone or loading can be started manually for each pallet individually.
With the work mode, the autoload can be set whether the pallets are detected next to the trailer or have to be brought over the platform.

The bales can be unloaded to the side and to the rear and rotated in all directions. If in working or transport mode the bales are shifted on the platform, changing the mode is sufficient to correct the position.

Autoload only works if this is configured in the garage. For the “Universal Autoload” mod, please select “Standard” as the autoload configuration.

If the trailer is configured with bales in autoload mode, these are then “locked” for further processing. Simply unload the bales onto the trailer, configure again and the bales can be used again. The same also works if the bales get “stuck” after loading a savegame.

– Added support for field jobs
– Added support für bales of “Krone BigPack 1270” mod
– Extended support for Hesston bales (180cm and 220 cm)
– Added support for 120 cm square bales
– Added support for cotton square and round bales
– Fixed position of autoload trigger at the small trailer
– The bale position can now be reset at the touch of a button (key ‘O’)
– Fixed an error where the truck remained switched on
– Fixed price error for autoload configuration
– Extended support for more bale sizes from the supported mods
– Added Sounds when attaching and deattaching
– Added pallet autoload
– Removed dynamicMountAttacher
– Fixed HUD icons
– Added variant with smaller load area
– Added Steering axle
– Revised tension belt position
– Revised bale position and capacities
– Other vehicles and equipment now spawn closer to the trailer at the vehicle dealer
– Added autoload working mode (size of bale trigger)
– Number plate position is now dependent on the trailer hitch
– Bale capacity selection removed (is now automatically set) (*)
– Added support for “Selectable Bale Capacity Pack” mod
– Added support for “Universal Autoload” mod (PC/MAC only)

(*) Depending on the selected configuration, the trailer needs to be reconfigured once.
– Fixed display of control icons in info help window
– Fixed warning regarding missing setting in the configuration file fixed
– Fixed collision in front
– Fixed issue where AI traffic did not pass the trailer
– Added support for 120cm x 130cm x 240cm Hesston bales


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