Forestry equipment – Farming Simulator 22

Forestry equipment – Farming Simulator 22

Timber is one of the most surefire ways to make money on Farming Simulator 22. It’s simple, and offers excellent profit margins. Sometimes, it might just be the case of removing a few trees there or there in order to clear up your field. Either way – you need machines that can help you with your forestry efforts.

  • Tractor forestry equipment
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Cutting trees
  • Loading and transporting procedures
  • Dealing with wood chips

Tractor forestry equipment

You’ll find most of your required forestry equipment in, well, the forestry equipment section in the FS22 store. Here are some of the key options:

  • Damcon PL-75 – this planter is best suited for planting trees and poplars. You don’t even need to prepare your soil planting, just fill the planter with pallets full of saplings and get to work.
  • DFM TR3200 – this is a treesaw. It can’t be replaced with a basic chainsaw, if required.
  • Fliegl Long Neck Combi Plus – a grappler is attached to the back of the tractor, and then, the cut down trees can be picked up and transported either to a sawmill, or to a designated place to work with them.
  • FSI ST 65 T – this is a cutterv for stumps. Stumps are left behind every cut down tree, and this is the tool for removing them to keep the nice plain land. This is a mandatory step, but an important part if you’re trying to reclaim the land, or don’t want to maneuver around them.

Skid steer loaders

Loaders are not primarily used to forestry – but they can certainly play a role. The Shop offers certain attachments that can be helpful, such as the DFM CFB-16 holding the tree after cutting it, which allows for easier placing in one spot, as well as a stump cutter and special grapplers. These tools are only suited for working with smaller trees, so they’re helpful for basic field greenery.

Cutting trees

Any chainsaw can cut down a tree. When it’s purchased, it’s simply added to your equipment. A tree cutter, such as a DFM TR3200 can also be attached to a tractor for a much more efficient experience.

Or you can go a step further and pick up one of the machines in the picture above. They do more than just cut trees, but also make specified-length logs. With these machines, turning trees into uniform logs is incredibly easy – they’re even cleaned before cutting.

However, such tools can only work with large straight trees. If they’re bent out of shape or smaller, they won’t be suitable. Plus, it’s only the more expensive models that can cut trees that are over a dozen meters high, and make logs 8m long. The cheaper models can’t catch up.

Loading and transporting procedures

STEPA FHL 13 AK is a trailer with a crane that can easily load logs – you can find it in the Forestry Equipment section in the shop. Logs on the trailer also can (and should) be fastened with a belt for stable transportation.

Fiegl Timber Runner is a trailer, meant for tree transportation. An entire tree can usually be loaded in it.

Other big-sized vehicles for timber transportation can be found in the Vehicles section, under Forestry Machines. These are not for beginner farmers: they’re seriously expensive. Buy them when or if you really get into forestry and grow out other solutions.

Expensive and super expensive picks are separated by their log capacity and mobility.

A log fork that’s attached to a tractor can be used to load a trailer full of logs. Self propelled options are also available, and each loader has an option for forestry, picking up trees and logs. More forestry mods check on FS22 Forestry category.

Wood chips

Forage harvester is the tool to use if you’re looking to get wood chips off the ground. Alternatively, use special, purpose-built chippers, that simply convert branches and timber into usable wood chips.

JENZ BA 725 D – with a horizontal belt, there are no issues with loading. Bigger pieces of wood might get stuck, but you can easily unjam it by blocking the front of this machine, and then driving the machine forward.

JENZ HEM 583 Z – this has a shorter belt than the other machine, but with a grappler and a crane, it’s a lot more functional. The machine uses a tractor though, and it won’t work when it’s detached.

JENZ HE 700 StA – found in Placeables category, this is more of an object, rather than a vehicle. It turns logs into wood chips and immediately sells them, making all the maintenance and manual work a thing of the past. However, it costs $100 a day to run.

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