Krone ProfiLiner AutoLoader v1.0 FS22

Krone ProfiLiner AutoLoader v1.0 FS22

Capacity: TBC
Euro Pallet: depends on the height of the pallet… just see for yourself
Liquid tank: quite a lot
Price: £110,000 seems reasonable its OP!

Added full wheel colour options
Added full Body Colour Options
Dedi and MP tested. WORKING! seen a lot of people wanting so here you have one ill be nice and finally release it lol!

NOTE: i will not be editing this any further. do not complain to me. if it tips due to weight then dont be daft driving silly speeds max load. simple. TBH just be thankful someone like me gave u this.

Credits go to giants not me, i just implemented autoload and MP functions

Achimobil / GIANTS Software

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19 Responses

  1. Ravasz Gábor says:

    yeeee + rep how dowload?

  2. Ravasz Gábor says:

    unfortunately for me it doesn’t work perfectly will it be fixed?

  3. S says:


  4. Sean says:

    Doesnt work for me with Pallets

  5. bossmanbass says:

    once loaded they cant be unloaded nor do they move with the trailer they become untouchable

  6. Aza says:

    Hi! Thanks for the mod.
    In dedicated MP, pallet are flying and can’t be uneload.

  7. witwax says:

    Hi same issues on my dedicated server it does not work load yes unload no….. all pallets become ghost like. I have tested single player and multiplayer it works fine. It will be highly apricated if you would look into this and fix sure it must be something small

  8. eddy says:

    Not working MP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. brad says:

    only works when i buy it, if i then save and reload game it stops working found this issue with a few autoloaders :/

  10. nicklit says:

    Confirmed working in multiplayer. Thanks for that. Currently it appears to be the only large autoloading trailer that works in multi.

  11. TherandomGaijin says:

    same issue with save and reload not working

  12. punitiveduty says:

    It wont work after save and reload. Useless.

  13. FaxMeChicken says:

    Stopped working today randomly.

  14. Ronkedor says:

    This happened for me too.
    Cannot get it to work in both single nor multi player.

  15. Heli Fighter says:

    stopped working after latest patch 16/12-21 all autoloaders seems broken atm pls be our savior

  16. David Feijen says:

    same issue with save and reload not working

  17. Stephen Murphy says:

    it only loads the Pallet’s from the shop and not from the production chain

  18. wizkid says:

    world is full of snowflakes

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