Krone Swap Bodies Pack v1.6 FS22

Krone Swap Bodies Pack v1.6 FS22

– Fixed work lights on all trailers
– Control for warning signs revised
– Control for attack reworked
– [Swap body tank structure] Filltypes have been replaced by FillTypeCategories
– [Swap body tank construction] Volume increased
– [Krone swap body] Control for rear doors revised
– [Krone swap body] rear doors revised
– [Krone Swap body] Added tarpaulin for custom skins
– [Krone swap body] added several new configurations
– [Krone swap body] Added sounds when opening/closing rear doors
– [Krone swap body] added animated door locks
– [Krone Load Carrier Swap Body] Added sounds for animations
– [Krone Load Carrier swap body] Fixed tailgate
– Load amounts defined for autoloader version 1.8
– Added Krone Cool Liner swap body

The Krone swap body pack enables you to transport goods from A to B.
The pack adds 3 trailers and 10 swap bodies.

Krone tandem trailer:
Price: 15,100 $
Ideal for transporting swap bodies.

Krone turntable trailer:
Price: 19,800 $
Ideal for transporting swap bodies.

Krone swap body:
Price: 8,000 $
This swap body is used to transport pallets and bales.

Krampe tipper swap body:
Price: 16,300 $
Capacity: 24,500 L.
This swap body is used to transport bulk goods.

Lizard post structure swap body:
Price: 6,000 $
This swap body is used to transport tree trunks.

Lizard animal transport swap body:
Price: 14,500 $
8 cows / 20 pigs / 20 sheeps
This swap body is used to transport animals.

– If you want to use Autoload, you need the Autoload Script from Achimobil
– If you want to use Simple IC, you need the Simple IC Script

Permissions and important information
– Editing and uploading the mod on other sites is NOT allowed!
– Model: BD_Modding, Giants, Sebastian7870 (Chassis)
– Texture: BD_Modding, Giants
– Functions: BD_Modding, Giants
– Additional parts: BD_Modding, Giants

Updates / changelog
– Added tank swap body
– Krone Load Carrier swap body swap body added
– Added Krone swap body configuration for Mercedes MP4
– Krone swap body autoload added
– Krone swap body tension belts revised
– Animal transport swap body has a new brand [Michieletto] – Krone turntable drawbar configuration added
– Added axis icons
– Added new color palette.

– Krone swap body swap body revised (there is now only one default size)
– Krone Load Carrier swap body revised (there is now only one default size)
– Reworked AttacherJoints scheme
– Krampe Kipper swap bodies unloading effects fixed
– Added Krampe Kipper swap body reflector configuration at the rear
– Autoload revised (bales can now be loaded)
– Increased the price of the Krone swap body swap body
– Added Krone HD platform
– Added Angel Morts configuration
– Added new color palette

– Added Krone tandem with deep drawbar
– Krone Load Carrier swap bodies have been deactivated, the default colors for the side wall configuration have been deactivated
– All Trailers have been renamed
– Added 8 new dirt traps for all trailers
– Light cones now glow even with low graphics settings
– Krampe swap body reflector at the rear, the reflectors in the trough were removed.
– Krampe swap body optically enlarged
– Improved staple texture
– Own shop category created
– dependencies removed (mod can now be used without autoload script)

– Color URSUS_OLIVE1 replaced as this is no longer supported in the new version
– Added 4 new mudflaps
– Krampe swap body now supports trailer fill limit
– Tandem trailer, the rims were renewed (Krone wheel hubs added)
– Added 1 new skin (Partner Skin – Hoppala Industries)
– Added new Krampe swap body
– Added warning sign configuration for trailers
– Added ramp (Krone swap bodies)
– Krampe swap body, the fill plane has been revised (fill plane no longer looks through the tarpaulin)
– Adjusted autoload to the latest autoloadscript version (1.6).
– Autoload unloading point has been revised

– AI agent attachment bug fixed since patch 1.4
– Added Simple IC (Simple IC is required)


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