Multifruchtsilo XXL v2.0 FS22

Multifruchtsilo XXL v2.0 FS22

Adaptation of the Moddesc version for the current Giants patch.
New Modicon
Fixed some typos in the mod description.
Added Multifruit Silo XL.
Multifruit silo extension removed.
Silo can no longer be expanded because there were problems with animal stables and productions with integrated storage.

The two silos can also store the new fruits.
As in the LS19, this multi-fruit silo XXL can store 50 million liters in the silo and 25 million liters in the extension per fruit & fill type, which are entered in a map as the Bulk & Bales category. The silo also accepts bales, but they are stored as bulk goods.
The silo is controlled via two scripts that enable the number of liters to be assumed per fruit and fill type.

Multiplayer capable
Log is error free.
Thanks to Achimobil who provided me with the two scripts and also installed them. Release is available

Multifruit Silo XXL
Construction menu: Buildings –> Silos
Price: €147,000
Daily maintenance: €150
Volume: 50,000,000 liters per fruit and fill type

Multifruit Silo XXL extension
Construction menu: Buildings –> Silo extensions
Price: €60,000
Daily maintenance: €80
Volume: 25,000,000 liters per fruit and fill type

Construction menu: Production –> Factories
Price: €137,000
Daily maintenance: €150
Cycles per month: 4800 cycles
Production costs per month: €2
Volume: 1,200,000 liters per crop type: chopped material, grass, alfalfa, straw
50,000 liters of silage additive

Multi production
Construction menu: Production –> Factories
Price: €127,000
Daily maintenance: €150
Cycles per month: 4800 cycles
Production costs per month: €2
Volume: 600,000 liters per crop type: silage, grass, hay, straw, potatoes, corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflowers, Soybeans, barley, sugar beets, beet pulp, lime, stones, manure, liquid manure, diesel, compound feed, pork nut, Mineral feed, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, water, milk, seeds, herbicides, silage additives

Fillable gas station
Construction menu: Buildings –> Containers
Price: €26,500
Daily maintenance: €100
Volume: 25,000 liters of diesel

The two productions and the silo can also be used without the Revamp Mod.
The multi-fruit silo XXL, the fermenter, the feed production & the fillable filling station are in a zip file. The mod does NOT need to be unpacked.
The file name was not changed because otherwise you would have to buy the silo again.
The display in the pictures of the fermenter & feed production is available in the Giants ModHub.
Marker Icons Package (Prefab) from Landbauer.

Model: Giants Idee: Mod Micha Scripte: Achimobil Marker Icons: Landbauer

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