Object Storage v1.0.1 FS22

Object Storage v1.0.1 FS22

The original bale and pallet storage solution from FS17 and FS19 returns! Now with global menu (GUI) access it is even easier to see what bales or pallets you have in storage.

Fix log warning and missing visibility node textures for ‘MaizePlus’ bales and other mod bales added to bale list without providing a mod environment or base directory.

Featuring fill type and bale size configuration (When available), allowing the user to choose what is stored in each building and removing the need for individual store items for every fill type or bale size.
All objects stored using this system will be returned to the user just as delivered including but not limited to capacity, fill level and bale wrap colour.
Bales that are fermenting when delivered will continue to do so when in storage.
This global mods also includes 3 buildings for bale and pallet storage and support for external mods to make use of its features without requiring individual scripts and menus for every mod.

# Included Placeables #
Covered Bale Stack:
– Price: 1200 $
– Daily Upkeep: 5 $
– Round Bales: 125 cm > 180 cm
– Square Bales: 180 cm > 240 cm
– Bale Fill Types: All bales fill types registered as part of the map and within the size ranges above can be stored.

Small Covered Bale Stack:
– Price: 720 $
– Daily Upkeep: 5 $
– Square Bales: 49 cm > 120 cm
– Bale Fill Types: All bales fill types registered as part of the map and within the size ranges above can be stored.

Shelf System:
– Price: 4200 $
– Daily Upkeep: 8 $
– Pallet Fill Types: Seed, Pig Food, Lime, Oat (Horse Feed), Wheat (Chicken Feed), Road Salt, Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, Mineral Feed, Wool, Potato, Sugarcane, Poplar, Silage Additive, Seed Treating Liquid and LumiGEN

# Placeable Notes #
– Spawn area markers can be disabled for each of the above buildings individually by standing in the spawn area if not required.
– Input triggers can be disabled via the GUI to allow easier movement of bales after spawning or as required.
– All buildings include colour selection when placing via construction screen.


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  1. maurice says:

    i LOVE THIS MOD ….
    but personaly its to big or too less spaces/products to store
    would bij nicer to store 9 or 12 products in the rack
    like 6 bags a seeds 2 rows of 3
    like 6 bags a firttilizer 2 rows of 3
    and all other stuff in bags or IBC
    like 4 IBC weedkiller (sorry english isnt my first language) 2 rows of 2

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