Production Revamp v1.0 FS22

Production Revamp v1.0 FS22

Production Revamp – Script.
Production Revamp replaces the internal production script with an enhanced version.

* Possibility to create recipes with multiple input groups (maximum 5)
* Possibility to combine several productions in one production line that previously had to be created as separated ones
* Ability to add one or more optional booster inputs that increases the output.
* Possibility to disable the booster for individual outputs.
* Add output mode: selling, distributing, spawn (keep before), store in (new).
* Additional display to show sharedThroughputCapacity in production chains.
* Productions that are mission targets can no longer run full (if they do not belong to anyone)
* Productions written without Revamp will continue to work.

This is just the script, the script alone does not change Productions!
More information and Tutorial on this site


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2 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    please put the translation into spanish

  2. Valter Gremory says:

    The mod is just great! I really liked him! But I noticed three nuances.
    First, how can lime be obtained from straw and water? Is this by design or a bug?
    Secondly, standard greenhouses give much less production. for example, vanilla greenhouses produce 768 liters of lettuce, and mod greenhouses produce 1920 liters of lettuce, using only water. And this is 2.5 times more. this introduces an imbalance in the vanilla game. since when using fertilizers and seeds, the greenhouse pays off in three months. and the vanilla greenhouse will pay off in 12 months. In my opinion, it is necessary to reduce the number of cycles of mod greenhouses at least twice in order to maintain a balance of the game. What do you think? (Game mode “high level of complexity”).
    Third, seed production does not make sense now. If you take the seed production recipe, it requires 500 liters of fertilizer, and 500 liters of grain. That is, to produce 2000 liters of seeds, you need 1000 fertilizers. 2000 liters of seeds cost 1600 euros and 1000 liters of fertilizer 1850 euros. That is, if we produce seeds, then we lose 250 euros, and 1000 liters of grain (that’s another 300-400 euros), for the production of every 2000 liters of seeds. I think it can be balanced. For example, take 1000 liters of grain (400 euros) and 100 liters of fertilizer (185 euros) and get 1000 liters of seeds (800 euros).
    The same goes for fertilizers. It is easier to use the ingredients immediately as fertilizer than to process them into fertilizer. To balance, I propose the following solutions:
    1. 1000 liters of grass + 200 dehystat = 1000 liters of fertilizer.
    2. 2000 liters of chaff + 200 liters of dehystat = 2000 liters of fertilizer.
    3. 3000 liters of grass + 500 liters of manure (or 800 liters of liquid manure) = 1500 liters of fertilizer.
    4. 2000 liters of chaff + 500 liters of manure (or 800 liters of liquid manure) = 1500 liters of fertilizer.
    What do you think about such changes?

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