Terra Farm V0.3.6 FS22

Terra Farm V0.3.6 FS22 Latest
Custom density height map support for DIRT
Mod now adds functionality for dumping DIRT on the ground on maps that don’t have support for DIRT natively.
Thanks to w33zl (WZL Modding)!
NOTE: If you play on a mod map there’s a chance this update will cause some issues. If that happens please downgrade to for now.

The purchase price is: 0 €
The daily maintenance costs are: 0 €

No available configuration options:
no configuration options.

Supported standard devices:
Albutt – front loader shovel
Magsi – Telehandler shovel
Magsi – wheel loader shovel
McCormick – dump bucket
Paladin – high tip shovel

When changing fill type make sure you empty the bucket first. Some types won’t discharge as normal to the ground because of map setup. This will be fixed in next update!

NOTE: using other fillTypes than STONE in multiplayer won’t work correctly. This issue will be fixed along with new network sync code in

The true landscaping experience
Tired of using the landscaping tool to carve out your land? Not satisfied with using fill types on the ground to supply your mining team? No worries, with TerraFarm you can shape your own land using the equipment of your choice.

Multiplayer is supported, but is not guaranteed to work 100%.

There are currently no restrictions in place on where and who can terraform landscape in multiplayer.
Vehicle/equipment support

Base game
Albutt – Frontloader shovel
Magsi – Telehandler shovel
Magsi – Wheel loader shovel
McCormick – Overtipping bucket
Paladin – High dump bucket

CASE CX250D long reach buckets
CAT 990H bucket
HAMM H11i road roller
Liebherr R926 buckets
Volvo EC750 buckets
Volvo L-350H bucket

Fill types
Mod now also supports several fill types which you can change in the settings GUI. By default STONE and DIRT (will be added if not already exisiting). You can also choose from additional fill types if added by 3rd. party mod/map:


When changing fill type make sure you empty the bucket first. Some types won’t discharge as normal to the ground because of map setup. This will be fixed in next update!


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13 Responses

  1. Will says:

    So it should be possible to use the ‘dirt’ you excavate of one area to use on another area to ‘level’ the terrain?

  2. ilario says:

    the mod doesn’t work I can’t get my excavator to dig, it just paints the ground why?

  3. Scurvz says:

    i cannot upload it to my server. It says that this is no FS22 mod… Why?

  4. Sam says:

    Does anyone know any 3rd party mods that adds any other material?

  5. Someone says:

    Broken, FS22 won’t load it. Needed to revert to older Terrafarm.

  6. Chris says:

    Seems like its broken. It wont load into the game..

  7. John L says:

    Will any excavator work with this mod?

  8. Big t says:

    Does this mod work for ps4

  9. Guest says:

    How to fix: “This map does not have a terrain density size supported by TerraFarm, terrain deformation may not work as intended”?

  10. Luke says:

    I want this on console

  11. Almir says:

    mod muito bom da mais realismo pro jogo.valeu

  12. Pelle says:

    witch button am i gonna press to activate?

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