Vidhostice Maps v1.3 FS22

Vidhostice Maps v1.3 FS22

Welcome to Vidhostice.

– A new game save is NOT required for this update. However, there are visual adjustments that will ONLY appear in the newly saved game.
– Added support for FS22_manureSystem mod
– added support for FS22_EnhancedAnimalSystem + FS22_husbandryGoatMilk mod
– added stubble run-up effect
– increased speed of discharge at production and purchase points
– reduced pallet capacity at production points
– some recipe ratios adjusted
– Granulator hall modified to switch to bale and pallet storage (only in newly created game, construction option))
– chicken coops placed on plot (137) (only in newly created game)
– dairy now as a production point (only in newly created game)
– added Pl translation (Dejv33)
– modified PDA

The map is created according to the real map background, but for greater enjoyment of the game there are fields, meadows, forests and villages improved and supplemented with production and sales places.
The map is dominated by a completely new hop plant, a large sugar factory, a limestone quarry and many other things, you will see for yourself.

Map details:
143 purchasable plots
more than 20 forest areas (we recommend “MoreTrees” mod)
65 fields and meadows + more than 20 grass areas
1 hop plant
5 vineyards
more than 20 productions
more than 20 redemptions (including train)
around 10 places to buy raw materials
1 animal dealer
1 sheep
1 horse
2 pigs
2 cows
1 store of urea
1 digestate storage
1 hayloft
and more…

The JZD Vidhostice team wishes you pleasant entertainment.

Attention! The following mods are required for the map:
AD Blue filling station
Bunker silo small
Shed for bales
Hops Equipments

Only for PC.

– A new game save is required for this update.
– map does not support MaizePlus, Production Revamp, REA modes
– added support for GÖWEIL pack
– optimization of game economy
– added sleep option
– added pellet production
– added production of packaged flour
– new types of railcars added (extended sales at the Lubenec train silo)
– added pedestrians
– maze added
– purchase of feed mixtures added (VVT Silo)
– purchase of bulk sugar, molasses, and beet pulp added (Sugar Factory)
– purchase of pallets added (Shop)
– purchase of diesel and AdBlue added (Petrol station)
– purchase of molasses added (BGA)
– PDA added (marker icons added)
– watercourses appearance modified
– modified game start on Manager difficulty
– transport modified
– hops growth phase modified
– modified composition of feed mixtures
– Correction of the possibility to sell hops to be placed
– correction and addition of some objects in the map
– corrected the problem with the sale of plot 125
– corrected packing missions
– expanded the possibility of using bales (Cow Barn, Piggery, Sheep Pasture, Compost House)
– correction of sounds on the map

– due to changes in growth/seeding and planting stages, please upload this version in winter
– Added support for Platinum DLC (buying Spedice Drahonice, Spedice Lubenec, selling containers of wood at the sawmill and by train)
– adjusted growth phases, crop price adjustment, capacity and speed optimization for some productions
– corrected locations of field numbers on PDA (missions were generated on owned fields)
– addition of vegetation around water, in forests, etc…
– terrain corrections on the map

Team JZD Vidhostice

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  1. Scurvypants says:

    First of all, I really like the map. Beautifully done.
    The only thing I’ve got problem with is, that the trigger for limestone at the sugar factory is way too small. I can’t use it properly. It’s way to small. If you try to unload with a tipper after you found the trigger, it stops in the middle of unloading because the end of the tipper moves. Would be great if this could be fixed.


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