Western Australia 4x v1.0 FS22

Western Australia 4x v1.0 FS22

I bring you my conversion of the Western Australia 4x Map. (With Permission from the Creator of the Map)

The map has 2 x Main Sell-points
25 massive fields
Standard in game sell-points
Standard fruits and animals
Massive Farm Yard
Great startup Fleet

Hope you enjoy!

FarmerB0B Giants DecanKane (original map)

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9 Responses

  1. alain0306 says:

    Merci 🙂

  2. Malthe Madsen says:

    The map dosen’t work. The map in-game starts to break, and u cant touch anything in-game.

  3. Shannon says:

    I was really keen for this map (considering I live in Western Australia), however, I was quite disappointed.

    The Farm Yard and start up fleet are awesome, the sizes of the fields are awesome, but that where it stops for me.

    unless you want to take up a field (or two) there is no where left for any production chains or any further sell points (like a cute little country town with a bakery and grocery store), or even anywhere to run animals or your own silos.

    It would be awesome if this is something that can be considered, if there is going to be another version of the map.

    the map and scenery are absolutely amazing and DecanKane and FarmerB0B have done an amazing job on this.

    I would just like to see a little more added in, or even some empty spaces to extend the map for extra buildings. I assume this was based around the wheatbelt area…

  4. wtek97 says:

    Fix it. After saving the game, the game does not work. The map and the vehicle shop are not loading

  5. wtek97 says:

    After saving the game, the game does not work. The map and the vehicle shop are not loading. Please fix it

  6. Nathan says:

    This map has been a fun map and the landscaping is done how you would LIKE a map to look for the realism. Please fix the map will not load the save

  7. Mark Grant says:

    its very broken map which is a pity

  8. Dutch_Farmer says:

    The fields are larger than they are visible. When you let CP work it keeps getting stuck in objects that represent trees, which I can’t cut down so not playable in this mode. Thanks for the conversion and can’t wait for the next update

  9. Alpha says:

    The original from FS19 was my favorit map ever and I was happy it’s available for FS22 now, but the map has lost all it’s charme and hasn’t been converted to make it justice. The starting equipment is nothing like it should be, most crops only have one sellpoint for some reason, there’s a railway sellpoint that shouldn’t be there, the terrain isn’t the right color (way too green for Australia), you only own 3 plots of land on easy instead of everything, the land prices are way too high and the list goes on. Not very well made and a dissapointment unfortunately.

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