Extreme Plows v1.0 FS22

Extreme Plows v1.0 FS22

NZ Extreme 1425 Plow
Speed 20 mph
Working Width 14.25
Plow Vector 570 800
Speed 20 MPH
All Washable!

GIANTS Software,Eagle355th,Otis Little Bear Modding

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13 Responses

  1. Mr_Mrs_Brabbs says:

    can you make these to where it works for contracts they work every where else just not contracts it would be appreciated

  2. mrfreeze says:

    This mod causes doesn’t seem to pull smooth in the ground like it does out of the ground. Unsure what is wrong.

  3. Zach says:

    Cant get it to appear in game. Every other mod I have works, trying to figure out what ive done wrong lmao

  4. Quagmire says:

    @Otis Little Bear Modding
    I’ve performed some fixes on one of the plows to enable it to be used for contract work, email me so I can send you the amended file.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t see an email address. The vector works for contracts however the NZ Extreme does not.

      Could we get an email address or just let us know what line needs to be added/removed/edited in the xml to enable contract work?

  5. mitch316xx says:

    bad mod error soon as you put in ground

  6. Chris says:

    ***FIX*** ***READ ME***
    This is for the NZ Extreme to work on contracts. Sorry for the formatting, this site doesn’t allow for paragraphs. You’ll need the typical tools when using mods like winrar (any extractor) and you can use notepad but I prefer Notepad++. Open the file for the NZ mod and drag nzExtreme1425.xml to your desktop. Open the file from your desktop in Notepad++ or whatever you use. Scroll down and look for the section that very first line under work areas will show …. type=”cultivator” …. change “cultivator” to “plow” and save. Drag that file back into the mod folder where you found it and boot up the game. The NZ Extreme will now work for contracts.

  7. Kevin says:

    Huge lag using either one of the plows, It spikes between 30 and 5 FPS…Also, does it need to go 25 mph when it is turning dirt?

  8. Hubcap says:

    There is a serious mod error as soon as the plow enters the Ground…..FPS drops and whole game stutters. I’m on a high end PC. No other issues 4K @120. Something is wrong. Yes I opened the download folder to put each mod into my ” Mods”. Copy and paste

  9. Hubcap says:

    Tried the pro vector 570. There is an error in this mod. Screen stutter as soon as you lower it into the ground…..will also not do contracts.

  10. Bruce Gay says:

    nothing but errors on the log with these plows!!!!

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