Mining Construction Economy v1.0 FS22

Mining Construction Economy v1.0 FS22

This is the first publick version of the map.

For have the fully experience on the map you need special mods as come on modpack. With this version i released a modpack with some mods, with time other mods will be come.

FS Miner have some mods to help you play this map and more will come from him.

Giants Nonnus All modders made i3d models

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29 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Is that mining map gonna come too console would be cool

  2. Daniel says:

    maps amazing, but im confused on how to receive my gold. i have dirt and gas , the tailings are coming out but gold is not working it says i have 2,5000

    • Mountain Man says:

      It shows up in a tool box on the concrete pad near the tailings. 4000 liters. Only one will spawn and you have to move it before another will spawn.

  3. Tyler Brown says:

    Hey! Love the map so far!!! Can you give a better description on how the map really works! I’ve noticed some animations don’t work! Thx !

  4. Randy says:

    How do you min the marble?

      • Mountain Man says:

        The Marble processor, Just add water to the big tank on the other side of the pit. The marble sheets processor took a while before it would begin. I ended up storing the marble until it was full then set it to distribute and fast forwarded time before it started working.

  5. Christian says:

    Hi guys i moved all stones from the entrence infront of the big stone wanna get to cool but it wont let me what to do ????

    • Samuel says:

      I ended up using the TerraFarm mod and set it to level because I wasn’t able to move all the stones either, and had to do the same where the soil and coal meet

  6. frits says:

    can annyone tell me how to get the crude oil?

    • Mountain Man says:

      I just bought every place on the map and none of them have a by product of crude oil….. Out of curiosity I went up near lots 3 and 4 where I seen some oil rigs, there is no icon to buy it but I pulled into the marked spot for loading and loaded crude oil for free. Be sure to use a trailer that can take crude. I used the lizard modded trailer.

  7. Waxxman says:

    Hi, I have a question about marble. I’ll bring the water, I’ll wait for the marble to form, load the marble, and take it up to the destination, to the point where the sign is hanging to fold it out, but I don’t know how to unload it, and I won’t take it myself, even if I push him there with an excavator, so nothing still happens. what with this ? Thank you

    • frits says:

      you have the marble pellets? just go to the accept all products point. stand right on top and unbelt it. thats how it worked for me.

      • Waxxman says:

        I will bring the marble block from the pit up to the Volvo A40G MArble, I will stand where it is marked that I have to fold the marble block there so that marble pallets can be made, and nothing happens, but the truth is that it took the marble block twice, but otherwise It does not work.

  8. Mountain Man says:

    The marble blocks go in front of that A frame thing on the ground, I tried setting them on those I beams but they will not take it. They need to be standing up like you find them in the pit. The marking on the front( this side up ) matters too.

  9. Tyler Brown says:

    Will the trommel and conveyor actually work at some point at the gold mine, I get tailings and gold but nothing moves …. its kinda lame!!!!

  10. plychucky says:

    hey love the mining but how or where do you find orr?

  11. philkool23 says:

    could you tel me where to get crude oil and tyres on the map ,can’t find them anywhere please

  12. Peter says:

    hallo, gibt es irgendeinen KRAN als mod der marble und steel laden kann.
    ansonsten macht die map spaß

  13. Anderson says:

    Hi. How to get COAL. Cant see how to get to it in the pit?

  14. Chuck Morehouse says:

    how do you get ceude oil?

  15. Crash says:

    I can’t gold mine because tailings ran out of space and there isn’t anything there. what do I do.
    I wish there was some instructions on what you can do .

  16. Ron says:

    How do u get tires

  17. kody says:

    how do i get the gold from the trommel

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