The Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods

The Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods

What are the recommended Farming Simulator 22 mods? Well, the best FS22 starter mods are different for each person and depend entirely on their style of play. But no matter whether you’re just starting with Farming Simulator, or already have a lot of hours under your belt – some excellent mods will be perfect either way.

Here’s what they are, and why do we love them:


This mod is all about efficiency. With Courseplay, all the routine farming tasks will be automated, letting you keep all of the fun parts, and making the mod do all the dirty work.

Plowing, sowing, gathering your entire crop, and even selling everything on the selling points. It does all of that, and even a little bit more.

Now, Courseplay’s FS22 version is still in Beta: and here, we’ll keep all the information regarding the development and add the download links when they appear. But for now, you can learn all about the mod on YouTube, so when it finally drops, you can use it to the full extent.

And no worries: most of the old Farming Simulator tutorials apply to the FS22 as well.

Follow Me

Modder Decker_MMIV offers a very simple, and incredibly efficient modding solution. Instead of moving only one vehicle at all times, you can have an entire convoy of vehicles following you. It’s excellent if you need to move a lot of machinery from one place to the other – and it can also help do faster fieldwork.

The use process is very simple. You have full control of your primary vehicle like you always would. Then, you simply choose the vehicles to follow you. They can also be offset to follow you from a slightly different place.

Getting this mod is very simple, all you have to do is download it from the in-game ModHub. More information on it can be found here.

Guidance Steering (GPS)

This steering system puts some modern real-life technology into FS22. Created by Wopster, this mod lets the players do super-precise fieldwork. Simply the A and B points and the script itself will build precise courses for the machinery to follow.

At the moment, this script is in Beta. So to use it, some functions need to be installed first – but other than that, it’s an excellent modern mod for modern farming.

Vehicle Inspector

You can’t do all of your work on FS22. At some point, sooner rather than later, you’ll start using the AI workers. And then, you’ll find yourself in one place, while all your workers will be somewhere far, far away. How can you see the AI progress without wasting your time traveling? Enter the Vehicle Inspector.

This mod will let you see the activity and status of every vehicle that you own. Plus, you’ll get notified if something goes wrong. Here, you can learn more about it.

Enhanced Vehicle

The Enhanced Vehicle mod gives an additional layer of realism to the game. It, you guessed it, helps to enhance your vehicles. You can do things, such as:

  • Shuttle Shift – use a common machinery technique for efficient direction shifting.
  • Hydraulics control – engage the front and read hydraulics separately.
  • Full transmission control – switch between the front wheel, rear wheel, and 4-wheel drive, with a differential lock.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this page for use instructions and download links.


If you’re playing Farming Simulator 22 with a keyboard, and a steering wheel, this mod is going to be great. It allows for an additional camera in AI worker machinery, and also adds several other camera angles. Many of them will be excellent if you’re using a steering wheel. Check here for more information.

Display for Tool Position

If you’re using tools like telehandlers, wheel loaders, and so on, you can relate to the pain – you often lose sight of various parts that are underground. This mod lets you see a specific tool’s position and angle at all times. This mod will be especially good if you use a loader. And also, downloading this mod will be super easy – everything can be done through the game’s built-in ModHub. Click here to see more information.

Disable Vehicle Camera Collision

The in-game camera in Farming Simulator games is…let’s say, not exactly perfect. Sometimes it will crash and warp through various objects, making the view a bit inconsistent, and negatively impacting the rendering. Thanks to this super simple mod, available in the in-game ModHub, the collision detection is overridden. This means a better viewing experience.

Government Subsidy

Want more money in FS22? Trick question – who doesn’t? Sure, you could apply for a loan. But in real-life, there’s also an option to apply for a government subsidy. Everyone does that! And with the mod, available on the game’s own Modhub, you can do that as well.

Production Mods

Production mods can make the FS22 gameplay even more exciting and different. That’s because on these mods, you’ll be given the possibility to produce things you would normally have to buy – such as lime, seed, and fertilizers. Not only is it an interesting game mechanic – it’s also a great way to save some money.

Here are some interesting production mods for you to look up:

  • Seed production
  • Liquid fertilizer production
  • Solid fertilizer production
  • Animal food production
  • Diesel production

Also, there are ways for you to quickly install an industrial grass dryer and an industrial-sized silo plant. Sounds neat, eh?

Place Anywhere

On FS22, the idea of being able to “Build your farm” sounds exciting. Until you realize, that specifically placing the objects at a certain spot isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s because each object on Farming Simulator has collisions, that act as solid walls around them.

If you try to, for example, place the two objects very close to one another, invisible walls become a bit of a problem. That’s what the Place Anywhere mod is for – it removes this limitation, and lets you place all the objects, wherever.

While that might sound a bit dangerous (messing with games built-in mechanics isn’t exactly ‘light work’), we had no issues with this mod whatsoever. And it’s something we ourselves dearly use. You should as well!

Extra mods: Manual Cutting and Measure Help

Are you into dealing with forests? FS22 mods can help here, as well. One of the best mods here is Manual Cutting for Harvesters. It will stop the automatic cutting of the trees in forest harvesting machines, similarly to Ponsse and the Komatsu. You’ll have to give those harvesters a command to get them going, allowing you to be in full control of where the logs will be placed. Click here to see more!

The second option is called Measure Help. It gives a lot of additional precision when cutting the logs, both by chainsaw, and hand. You can’t be exact in cutting them, and with this mod, you’ll see the exact measurements. Read more about them to find out all the extra details.


Farming Simulator 22 mods

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Farming Simulator 22 game supports mods for PC, Xbox, or PS5. FS22 Mod is an extension file for the FS22 game. Everyone can create Farming Simulator 22 mod file and share it with our community. So, why do you need Farming Simulator 22 mods? for example, you have bored with the basic game version or want to try new vehicles such as tractors or combines which the game doesn't have. So Farming Simulator 22 developers decided to support mods that let players create their own FS22 maps, Trucks, Vehicles, and any item in game. So you can download Farming Simulator 22 Mods to upgrade the game and create your own game version. Here you will find the Best FS22 mods and Top FS21 mods for PC, Mac, Xbox, or PS5. Don't wait and choose LS22 mods category, download any mod for Farming Simulator 2022 you want and install the mod in FS 22. And the most important - Farming Simulator 22 mods is totally free and available to download all of them. Our Farming Simulator 22 Community goal is to create one of the biggest FS22 mods databases

Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods mods

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